636 Ate Bhon’s Story Telling with Quirino Memorial Medical Center

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Written by Secretary, Kuya Glenn Costales

The Quirino Memorial Medical Center (QMMC) again played host to a simple yet animated event for the kids in the pediatric ward. Ate Bhon, our birthday-sponsor, cheerfully arrived with several friends to spend time with the kids and their parents.

The event started with the volunteers introducing themselves in front of the entire group. The Christmas mood was starting to creep in even while it was early November so the volunteers sang a little bit of their favorite Christmas songs.

After settling into different groups and getting acquainted, the 1st game sure got everyone inspired. This was called Show Me Your Face. In this unique game, different moods and expressions were given. The teams simply had to use their faces and their looks to show the most creative and lively expression. These moods included feeling sad, super-duper-happy, freezing cold, and even diarrhea. After several rounds, Ate Bhon’s team was declared the winner in the race-to-2 contest.

The next game again needed a lot of cleverness – the Paint Me a Picture game. In this classic group competition, the teams were undoubtedly into it trying to get the prizes for their kids. Some even ended up on the floor while others determinedly messed around with their faces and their bodies. In the end, one of Ate Bhon’s friends took the trophy so-to-speak and won it for their equally brave and game kids.

Next up for the entire group was a story-telling activity led by U!’s resident story-teller, Ate Dyaly. As always, Ate Dyaly did not fail to entertain and engage both the volunteers and kids to a wonderful and lesson-filled story of ‘Ang Matsing at ang Pagong.’

After the activities lined up, the groups sat down in their circles to share lunch. Story-books were also handed out as the kids’ gifts to keep them company in the hospital.

Thank U! to the kids and parents from QMMC for spending their Sunday with the volunteers. Much thanks of course to Ate Bhon and her friends for sharing their blessings. Even though there more kids than them, they used their wide smiles and encouraging spirits to really liven up the whole event. Happy birthday, Ate Bhon!

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