831 Ate Bel’s and Kuya Drevin’s Origami with Gentle Hands

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Written by Core Team Leader, Kuya Paulo Damian

It’s always fun to celebrate birthdays and that makes celebrating two birthdays at the same time twice the fun! To make it even better, celebrate it with the kids of Gentle Hands! This was what Ate Bel and her son, Drevin, did to celebrate their birthdays this year. Their family and friends all came to spend this day with them.

The day was filled with games and fun activities. For the games, everyone had fun with the relay involving balls and hula hoops. Everyone became so energetic! They were throwing the balls so hard that sometimes, the other person had a hard time catching. It was very funny and everyone had a good laugh. The next part was an origami workshop by Kuya Ronnie. Everyone was so confused at first on how to fold the paper correctly, but when the kids got the hang of it, they started making really cool figures. The highlight was when everyone was taught how to make a paper Pikachu. It was so cool! The last activity was a magic workshop by our resident magician, Kuya Kobe. As usual, his tricks were so astounding. He even asked our birthday boy, Drevin, to perform a magic trick with him. Over all, it was a fun day!

The next part was everyone’s favorite: merienda time! But before enjoying the delicious meal, everyone made Ate Bel’s and Drevin’s birthday extra special by singing them a song and letting them blow their cake. Let’s hope their wishes come true! Aside from the usual merienda, the celebrators also shared their cakes with the kids.

The day ended with a group photo, with some pretty genuine smiles in the face of the kids. At U! Happy Events, we celebrate a lot of birthdays, but when a mom and a kid celebrate theirs together with us, it’s extra special. Happy birthday again, Ate Bel and Drevin! Thanks for celebrating with us and the kids of Gentle Hands!

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