783 Ate Bea’s Butterfly Marker with Culiat Elementary School

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Issa Gayatin

There’s always something good to look forward every weekend. After all the busy days at work, you want to just spend happy times with the people close to you. For kids volunteers, it’s spending fun times with kids and friends. On July 16,2016, a bunch of uhappy friends went to Culiat elementary school in Quezon City to celebrate the day of Ate Bea. When we arrived at the venue, Ms. Eloise Tamon, the principal of Culiat elementary, warmly welcomed us. She then introduced us to some of the kids who were already there. It was a Saturday but there were some classes going on. I guess learning really never stops as long as the mind is willing. 

Ate Bea came in right after, along with some of her friends. There were a total of 14 volunteers and 26 kids who showed up to join in the event. Kuya Harvard divided them into 4 groups. Since it was a lunch time, Kuya Harvard asked the kids and volunteers to have their lunch first before diving into the activity proper. 

Sumptuous KFC meals were distributed to the kids and to the volunteers. It was also time for them to mingle with each other. 

After that delightful partaking of food, He instructed them to share their name, address and dream job. Some kids were seen to be extremely excited as they share their dream jobs to their Ates and Kuyas. 

After the getting-to-know stage, it was time to play a game called pass the ball. Each team were given 3 balls to pass around. Kuya Harvard gave 5 actions for teams to do when the ball stopped. As the music plays, they pass the ball. When the music stops, the participants who were holding the ball will do the action assigned by Kuya Harvard. First team to do it gets the point. This game took longer because everyone were so competitive. Laughter and giggles filled the classroom and we were all glad to see that everyone were having a great time. Everyone were good as almost all teams got a point. Finally, Team 1 who got 3 points were awarded.

Then it was time for the much-awaited art workshop of Kuya Robby! Kuya Robby instructed the participants to do a beautiful butterfly marker which he called ” Pakpak Bookmak”. The uhappy team distributed the materials to the participants. All were listening attentively as Kuya Robby carefully delivered his instructions. Kudos to the volunteers for patiently assisting their partner kids in this workshop. Everyone enjoyed this workshop. After the activity, the kids showed off their beautiful handcrafted butterfly markers, labored with love by their Ates and Kuyas. 

The event wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the generosity of Ate Bea, so before the picture taking segment, we called in ate Bea and sang her a happy birthday. She was very happy and thankful. Afterwards, she distributed the school supplies to the kids. Thank you to all the Kuyas and Ates who were part of this event. May you continue to share your blessings in your community. We also look forward to seeing you again in one of our future events! We believe in U! 

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