589 Ate Arabelle’s Accessory Making with Children’s Joy Foundation

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Written by Vice President for Internal, Charmain Tan

We started the day by pairing the kids of Children’s Joy foundation with the volunteers and forming them into groups. They then came up with a group name.

Our first activity was getting to know activity where volunteers and kids talked about their favorite color and food. A representative of the group came up to the front and introduced their groupmates.

The second activity was Paint a Picture. The groups were given a scenario and the members were to strike a pose as a team showing the scenario. For instance they painted a picture of a concert and playground.

Our main activity for the day was accessory making. The kids were taught to make braided bracelets using different colored shoestrings. Once the kids learned how to make the bracelets they kept making more. Some of them had so much fun that they were able to make more than two bracelets.

We then gave out snacks and we did our traditional gift giving with the help of the birthday celebrants Ate Andrea and Ate Ara. The celebrants gave an emotional message saying they’ve been wanting to give back to the community. They were thankful to U! Happy Events for paving the way for them to be able to do so. They decided to raise funds and create an event for the kids of Children’s Joy Foundation. They were able to raise funds which exceeded their expectations that allowed them to sponsor an event and come up with the gift items for the kids.

The kids then gave a special performance by singing a Happy Birthday song, a Thank You song, and a couple more songs for our volunteers. Three talented kids did the music accompaniment by playing guitar, violin, and beat box.

We ended the day with the volunteers and kids giving hugs to each other and being thankful for the day well spent.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events