230 Ate Anna Celebrates with Bahay Maria

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Written by Core Leader, Clare Cruz

Saturday was blessed with sunshine as U! Happy Events spent another afternoon in Bahay Maria located in the heart of Bel-Air Village, Makati an orphanage for young girls. Excited volunteers dressed in blue arrived early and met the kids with cheers and hugs. Art creativity was the focus of the day allowing the children to freely express themselves. Kuya James Lo facilitated this activity. The activity was called paper toy adventures and he himself invented it years back. Everyone learned how to create paper robots through simple folding, coloring and cutting.

Our first game was Banderitas Challenge. It enabled the teams to work together tirelessly. The goal was to make the most banderitas in 5 minutes. Next is Bring Me Art. This challenge certainly fueled everyone’s spirits redefining ehat speed drawing is all about. The third and last was a traditional game with a twist. Newspaper Dance integrated with the Boat is Sinking was introduced as paired volunteers and kids had to find clever ways to fit into tiny pieces of newspaper.

The laughter and smiles seemed endless which was perfectly capped off with a cake for the birthday celebrant, Ate Anna Pantoja and the birthday kid Roselle. Ate Anna generously sponsored the event as each child received a set of notebooks and pencils, toys and other goodies. It is perhaps truly the best way to celebrate one’s birthday having the opportunity to impart values that will last these young girls a lifetime. Truly, an extraordinary day made special as everyone exuded love and light.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events