688 Ate Angelita Christmas Celebration with Gentle Hands

Monday, December 21, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

Young people continue to be one of the pillars of our success in reaching out to children. Case in point is Ate Angelita Bonsilao’s sponsorship for a Christmas event with adorable children of Gentle Hands. Despite a minimum budget, we assisted in making this event a reality. Three other young individuals from our volunteer pool joined in the fun last December 21.

After dividing them to groups of 5 and getting to know, I got into a series of games with our kids and volunteers. The first one we had was one of our popular ones, Inside Out sitting version. Using a Hula Hoop and a series of categories, participants race to put themselves first either inside or outside of the Hula hoop. Too much excitement as scores tallied and teams going for first to reach two points.

Next we had Christmas symbols, I remember playing this game with friends’ Christmas parties and it was a hit. In this game we encourage teams to be more creative in executing their own version of symbols without separating their hands from each other. The Kuyas and Ates did a superb job in making sure children listen and put together their ‘masterpieces’. I like in particular how they showed Lechon.

The last game before gift giving was Doctor Quack Quack. We had the core team take turns to jumble up the groups in the hopes that it will take time to be corrected by their Kuyas and Ates. This one turned out to be quite competitive and entertaining to see. For list of games you wish to play with your own circles, you can see them here. :)

Thank you once again to Ate Angelita and friends for sponsoring!

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