788 Ate Angelica’s Face Painting Workshop with Haven for Children

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Written by Board Member, Issa Gayatin

It was a vibrant Saturday morning in Alabang, Muntinlupa, a very good time to celebrate a day with the kids. That is actually what the relatives of Ate Angelica did last July 30, 2016. Ate Angelica is currently in Saudi but she didn’t let distance limit her to put smiles and to bring hope to the kids of Haven for Children in Alabang. We had a bunch of workshops for that day, such great opportunity to learn and marvel. Kuya Harvard officiated the event which transpired in their gymnasium. When the kids were all lined up and were given name tags, Kuya Harvard introduced the relatives of ate Angelica and some volunteers to them. The kids warmly welcomed them to their community.

The participants were all divided into 4 groups. For the kids to get to know their Ates and Kuyas for the day, Kuya Harvard asked each team to share their names, address and dream job.
The kids of haven in Alabang were very warm and joyful. You will really know the appreciation they feel because they not only smile at you but they make sure to ask you how you are and what you do in life. This I noticed from the three occasions that I visited the community.

The first activity was Act a video game. The objective of the game is to move and to creatively describe the scenarios with each team. First team to get two points will win. Kuya Harvard gave three scenarios for them to act such as moon, soccer activity, actors in a shooting of avengers movie. This activity was very hilarious as each team had their own comical facial expressions and gestures. All the participants and even the U! happy team had a good time laughing here. It was such a fun day for all of us. Team 4 won in this game. They had a very good presentation of people in moon and avengers movie.

The next activity is a bubble show demonstrated by Kuya Allan. The kids were all excited in this activity. As a matter of fact, Kuya Harvard was constantly calling out the attention of some kids who were continuously popping the bubbles. The kids all marveled at the huge bubbles that Kuya Allan made. Each team were also given an opportunity to go inside the biggest bubble that he made.

Then next fun activity is a magic show by Kuya Enrico. A number of eyes were glued as each trick were delivered. Kids were all amazed by this show even those kids who are not part of the event but were nearby the venue. This was just a short one but I know it left a great impression to the participants.

The fun didn’t end there as another workshop was introduced. It was a face painting activity with Kuya Erik. Kuya Erik is one of the the greatest artists that I know that’s why I listened attentively to his activity. The kids were given the painting materials that they need such as paint that is hypoallergenic, brush and a cup of water. Then Kuya Erik instructed the participants to get a partner so they can pain each other’s faces. Kuya Erick then demonstrated and gave a step by step instruction on how to paint an angry bird. Painting was fun and easy after all. Kuya Erik made is so easy for the participants. The kids were all quiet as they carefully followed each instruction. Everyone were so focused they didn’t realize it was almost lunch time. After everyone were done painting, the participants showed us their work of art. It was a great sight to see. Everyone did great and the most awesome part was, they all did their best and had fun that day.

Afterwards, it was time to enjoy a good lunch. Delicious Jollibee meals were distributed and shared with each other. This brought more smiles and energy to the participants. School supplies were distributed and a group photo was done towards the end. The kids then bid their goodbyes and hugged their Ates and Kuyas who made their day remarkable. Thank you very much Ate Angelica. It was a successful activity and it won’t be possible if it weren’t for your generosity and the support of your relatives. Truly, this activity made a huge impact to the kids and will go a long way. May the good Lord continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

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