530 Ate Althea’s Pencil Case Making with Boys Town

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Chessika Chua

People find many ways of expressing thoughts, ideas and emotions. With the modern technology, happiness can be all over Twitter, images showing pride can be uploaded on Instagram, and sometimes, grief can be felt on Facebook status.

But let us not forget that during those times when non of these media existed, our ancestors used other means of expressing–through love letters, gift giving, song writing and singing, poems and novels. All in the form of art.

For the love of art and in celebration of ate Althea’s birthday, U! Happy Events decided to express and show the overflowing love through an Art Workshop with the kids of Boys Town.

Starting off with the usual groupings of our volunteer ates and kuyas with the kid participants. A few minutes were given for some small talks and sharing of something personal about them: their names, hobbies, favorite celebrities and dreams they want to be when they grow up.

To break the ice, a dance showdown was called! Kids and their partner volunteers had to prepare a small choreography; shake it off and wiggle! The kids had so much energy to express through their hot moves.

For the next bonding and sharing game, it’s time for Paint Me A Picture! The usual routine, scenes will be given to the groups and they have to make themselves part of the said scene. For the first scene: Back To School! The kids recreated the most exciting day of school time. Packing their pretend-bags, lining up for the flag ceremony, raising their hands in class and introducing his and herself in front. The second scene was the coming of rainy season. Umbrellas up! Or not! Kids playing and dancing in the rain 🙂 How much fun can that be? And for the last scene, they had to be part of the concert of the all time fave, One Direction. Hands up in the air! Singing and dancing all over the floor.

And the art keeps on attacking! For the main event, the kids were taught on how to decorate their own pencil cases through the help of ate Bianca. With the use of cut outs, glues, and lots of creativity and imagination, the kids expressed bliss, gratitude and more love on their masterpieces.

Special delivery! For lunch, a food truck delivered the special food for the kids and volunteers!

And to sign this day as a wonderful work of art, the kids were given a small token for them to keep and remind them to never stop their creativity flowing and their imagination growing. More kisses and hugs in the air! To permanently capture the moment, photos were also taken— all expressing happiness in the faces of the kids and volunteers! 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events