452 Ate Alfe’s Hat Making with Gentle Hands

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

Valentine’s Day had just passed yet a number of individuals were still in a very caring mood. Ate Alfe Simbajon arrived on schedule at Gentle Hands in Quezon City for her Sunday morning birthday event with over 30 kids from the foundation.

Brimming with excitement, Ate Alfe brought with her some colorful decorations and prizes to liven up the already bright venue. Our bubbly sponsor’s friends and family also came to take part in the celebration. As it turned out though, they were only ‘half the fun.’

11-year-old Jeremiah Vargas was also celebrating his birthday on the same day and decided to join in on the festivity. Our young sponsor was accompanied by his loving parents and some close family members.

With the day about to take off, our sponsors gathered with the volunteers and were assigned different shapes as their groups. The eager kids then randomly picked from five (5) shapes to know which group they belonged to. After everyone picked a shape, it became a race as to which group could assemble first – a great way to jumpstart everything.

After the kids got acquainted with their kuyas and ates, the event got right to its first game called ‘Are You In or Out?’ This game made use of a hula hoop assigned to each group. Specific numbers were then called out as to how many people will be outside holding the hula hoop and how many would be inside the circle. The teams had to communicate and work together to finish ahead of the others in grouping in and out of the circular toys. And just like a well written climax to a story, the game came down to the last point with one group coming out the winner.

Being Valentine’s and all (or just a day after), the entire group had to play a game related to it. With that in mind, the next one that tested everyone’s mettle was the Paper Cup Spelling Relay. Forming a line, each group was given 10 paper cups that contained the letters to the word Valentines. Clues to 3- and 4-letter words were then given out from this word for the teams to decipher and spell. They did so by passing the cups using only straws in their mouths. The game was also close although not as much as the first contest. One team eventually stood out as they quickly developed a flow to their relay routine. They emerged victorious winning prizes for the kids.

After all the games, everyone sat down once more with their groups. Ate Alfe’s friend, Ate MJ, then led everyone in the Paper Plate Hat Workshop. She spent the next few minutes giving instructions on how to cut out and make their own hats while also suggesting various designs they could do. It was another time for the volunteers and kids to bond as they tried to get creative with their patterns and color schemes.

With all those activities in the books, the event finally got around to everyone’s favorite part – lunch! A generous serving of pasta and other delicious treats were given to the volunteers and kids. The food they shared was indeed fitting for a birthday celebration.

After the sumptuous nourishment, Ate Alfe and Kuya Jeremiah shared a birthday cake as the whole group sang them a gleeful ‘happy birthday.’ Our birthday sponsors then took the time to personally hand out the gifts for the kids of Gentle Hands as a final part of the program.

It was truly quite the celebration and we sincerely thank all who made this event happen – Ate Alfe, Kuya Jeremiah, their friends and family, and of course, the people who just came to volunteer.

It was obviously the weekend to enjoy Valentine’s Day. We at U! Happy Events however are in it for a lot more than just a one weekend celebration. We certainly hope that our volunteers would be inspired to get more involved both with us and in other communities and organizations as well. Again, we thank U!

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