209 Ate Alex Celebrates with Bahay Tuluyan

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Written by Core Leader, Ate Clare Cruz

Birthdays are celebrated because it is the beginning, the origin of your life. We honor our birthday by spending time with family and friends. Birthdays are a time of gratitude and renewal. It is a special occasion unlike any other and to make it even more memorable, choosing to be with the less fortunate on your birthday is undoubtedly admirable. Alex Guardino certainly did that and more, as she shared her blessings with more than fifty children from Bahay Tuluyan last June 1st.

She partied with her friends and twenty eight volunteers with a mission to spread cheer and joy. U! Happy Events organized fun and hilarious games such as the blinded egg toss, shoot me and beach ball relay! The event was also an opportunity to impart values amongst kids through activities such as teamwork, discipline and faith. It was not simply just to have a good time but a moment spent with our youth as a way to build character.

Volunteers were also partnered with kids to do creative art expressions. The kids were asked to draw their future. It was not only a new beginning for Alex, but also for the children as the event helped instil hope. By the end of the day, we dance our U! song everyone sang along to greet Alex and help her blow out the candles.

It was a grand experience as the children felt special as well, each one receiving a bag of school essentials they need for the coming school year. Renewed by the support and Alex’ generosity we wish for the children to do well in school. It is a lasting legacy worth commemorating birthdays, a new beginning for all involved—kids and volunteers alike. 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events