618 Ate Abe’s Animal Mask with Virlanie Foundation

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Written by Board Member, Issa Gayatin

It was a hot and humid afternoon of October 30, 2015. After an event in the morning at Quezon memorial circle, the U! happy team was divided and went to Bahay Maria and Virlanie foundation respectively. I was tasked to volunteer in Virlanie. It was my first time there. We haven’t even started but the kids were all hyped up. They were very excited to see the ates and kuyas who will be with them that afternoon.

The birthday celebrant, Ate Abby Monge came in early. She has that lovely smile on her face as she interacts with the kids. As soon as most of the volunteers arrived, Ate Amy, the host for that day and treasurer of U!happy team, grouped the kids and volunteers for the getting-to-know part. They were asked to share their name, favorite past time activity and color. After that, the much-awaited workshops begin. We needed that because the kids are becoming restless and excited. The kids were in need of affection and that’s what the Abby and her friends provided them. Caring has become part of the culture of Filipinos.

A magic show was performed by Kuya Koby and all eyes were finally glued to the show. Astounded by the tricks, some kids can’t help their amazement and were moving closer to the magician. After that, it’s time to play a game – Stack It Up. Each team were given set of cups. Ate Amy gave her instructions and asked the volunteers to be the team leaders in their respective teams. It was a close fight for all the teams but finally, a winner was given recognition and awarded.

The event was not yet over as Ate Abby prepared another exciting workshop for the kids. An art workshop was done by Kuya Robby, U! Happy Events in-house artist and art teacher. He taught the kids how to make animal masks. The children and volunteers painstakingly listened to Kuya robby’s instructions. Prior to the workshop, Kuya Robby already made his own version of animal masks. After that, Kuya Robby selected 3 best artworks from the teams and handed over the creative animal masks he made as prizes for them. The children were very joyful. Then it was time to eat the sumptuous meals prepared for them.

Before we said our goodbyes, Ate Abby distributed the give aways he prepared for the children. We sang her a happy birthday and had a group photo. Thanks to a volunteer like Ate Abby and her friends who generously share their time and their blessings to the kids like the Virlanie Foundation. People like you are those that makes a great change in the society.

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