615 Art Workshop with International Teams Tender

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Written by President, Ate Te Candano 

It was our 3rd event with the kids of IT Tender and they always make the trip to Alabang worthwhile with their warm smiles. We gathered 26 kids for an afternoon of fun and art. The U! Core Team was joined by two other volunteers who was eager to start the afternoon with a blast. The ates were given a chance to introduce themselves to the kids. We all stated our name, favorite game and favorite color. The kids also raised their hands if they had the same favorite color as their volunteer Ates. We then grouped the kids into 4 teams wherein the volunteers were distributed to act as the leaders of each team. We gave each team a chance to introduce themselves to each other. Next challenge was for them to name their teams. We have (1) Team Pabebe Kids (2) Team Attack! (3) Team Daisy and (4) Team Aldub Nation. 

After having their respective team names, the teams were ready to play the games. First game was the Hula Hoop Relay where each team were to hold hands while in a straight line. The objective of the game was for everyone to pass through the hula hoop with their hands held together as a group. After several rounds of close calls and almost wins, Team Attack won this very exciting game. 

Since the first game was too physical for everyone, our next game was played with each team sitting down in a circle. We usually play the Kalamansi Relay in a line but we decided to give this game a twist. With just 3 cups and 2 kalamansi per team, each team should be able to pass the kalamansi within the circle using the cups interchangeably per member until it reaches its starting point. This is a race to 3 points. We even had different challenge along the way as we lessened the number of cups into 2 since they were getting better and faster in each round. Team Aldub Nation was the fastest in this game which gave them a win. 

Our main activity happened after we played the two fun games. The kids were settled already on the floor with their volunteer Ates to guide them as they learn how to make a chicken puppet. Our U! Treasurer, Ate Amy, was also our art teacher for the afternoon. She taught the kids the step by step way of making their very own chicken puppet. It was a delight to see the kids being able to follow the instructions just by looking at how Ate Amy does it. Perhaps one of the most fun part of the workshop was when they were putting the feathers to their chicken puppets. Yes, it was a mess after every workshop but to see the kids holding up their chicken puppet was truly priceless. 
We then asked the kids to put away first their works of art as we, as a group, cleaned the place for our very last activity—eating time! A yummy serving of Jollibee spaghetti and drink was a great reward to the kids for the physical games and workshop we did. Picture taking followed as everyone posed while smiling, being wacky and doing the ‘pabebe wave’. We then distributed our gifts of school supplies to kids before we said goodbyes. The volunteer ates and kids also exchanged Thank Yous and hugs to cap of a lovely afternoon in Alabang. 

If you would like to also be a blessing to these kids or even our other partner beneficiaries, do volunteer with us. Visit www.uhappyevents.com. 

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