238 Empire’s Boxing Workshop Year 2 with Metro World Child

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Are U! Ready year 2 went underway at the third branch of Empire Boxing after months of planning with owner, Rob del Rosario. Last year’s event with the same beneficiary, Metro World Child made an impact to kids, volunteers and the management of Empire Boxing. We just have to do it once again. We look forward for part 3 soon.

This workshop is not your typical activity. It is definitely unique yet very relevant to a kid who lives in poverty in his or her community. Boxing & Self Defense is a tool of protection. It also teaches character like discipline, hard work, perseverance, among others. Some of the kids may also consider a career in this sport.

We started the afternoon session with a round of questions to everyone. Many were still shy, few were confident and a couple showed much enthusiasm in introducing themselves. The mood change when we started working out. The kids became kids- they got active, excited and started interacting with our coaches and volunteers. The group was divided into Muay Thai and Boxing after a group warm up exercise.

After almost an hour of workshops, we got everyone settled for merienda. We also got to greet and celebrate with Rob del Rosario’s son, Brayden. It was his 5th birthday. The afternoon came to a close with lots of gifts from Empire Boxing and friends.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events