529 ANZ Bank’s Color Etching with Kuya Center

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

U! Happy Events continues to strengthen our presence to companies through the years. We realize that corporate partnerships creates a bigger multiplier to volunteerism and funding for children initiatives. A new bank joined our pool of companies, Australia New Zealand Bank. The most recent ones were Standard Chartered, East West and HSBC. No competition exists when we serve children altogether.

The morning was bright and the orphaned and street children of Kuya Center were ready for the activities. ANZ employees trooped in by batches and got oriented first by Brohther LucBoudreault of the center. We value that visitors are familiar with the background of the children before we start.

We lined up the Kuyas and Ates to introduce themselves. They had to say their names and show their ages creatively to everyone. We got the children to judge the most creative delivery. They cheered and clapped but we had to choose one winner.

We got busy after these as we prepared a packed event. After getting to know, we played Up or Down. Here kids and volunteers work together to identify which one is Up or Down depending on the category I mentioned. It got really intense. 🙂

Next was our main activity lead by our artist, Kuya Robby. Another unique art workshop ensued. He called it Color Etching. Kuya Center children up their game to copy a portrait by Impressionist artist, Vincent Van Gogh. After this they had to color it hard enough on white board paper. It doesn’t stop there though. Interesting enough, they had to paint it off completely with blue paint. This is where the etching comes into play. After 10 minutes of letting it dry, they get to etch the paint and reveal the masterpieces!

It was almost lunch time when we finished and we served meals and complimented it with school supplies for the children. U! Happy Events appreciates ANZ Bank for their first and definitely not the last event.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events