554 ANZ Bank Hygiene Talk and Games with Pangarap Foundation

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

For several weeks now, our events have involved a number of educational dialogues to help children as they develop into responsible individuals and productive members of their neighborhood. We’ve had talks about fitness, health and nutrition, waste disposal, and even financial literacy for kids.

Last Saturday, we again had the privilege of engaging 25 spirited male participants from Pangarap Foundation in another informative talk – this time about personal cleanliness for teenagers. This was made possible through the generosity of members of the multinational bank, ANZ, who were just as eager to spend time with the dashing young men.

The volunteers and kids were gathered into five (5) different groups. Aside from the cleanliness talk, the day also featured lively interaction (and competition) through some enjoyably fun games.

After a brief getting-to-know activity, the event kicked off with the Dance Showdown Game. This game needed the teams to choreograph their own steps as they danced to popular songs. They competed head-on with the most creative and most organized winning the point. The teams danced to both old and new songs which made it more interesting. If there was any timidity between the volunteers and kids, it sure got bounced during the Dance Showdown.

With the moving-and-grooving done, the teams then readied for the Beach Ball Relay. In this game, the groups had to work in pairs as they pressed a beach ball in between their bodies. The race had them go around a chair a few steps away, come back and pass the beach ball to the next pair. It was a flat-out race with one team emerging as the fastest.

After the physical contests, the groups then settled down for a battle of the minds – the How-High-Can-You-Go Game. In this game, the teams had to bid for the highest number they can enumerate from the category given (i.e. round fruits, green vegetables, Disney movies, etc.). Despite just being seated on the floor, the teams still sweated it out to think of the answers to the categories.

The day’s main activity was finally for everyone – the individual cleanliness talk. The entire group started with an open dialogue on what practical steps they can take to ensure they are ‘prim and proper.’ The importance of being clean was also discussed as a way to value one’s own health, as well as to show respect to the people around them. U! Treasurer, Ate Amy, then took the mic to give very useful tips on what the kids can do to observe good personal hygiene from the morning till evening.

After the talk, the groups settled down for some much needed nourishment. ANZ then took the time to give out hygiene kits to the kids together with some other gifts to remember them by.

As the groups gathered for a final group picture, a Happy birthday song was joyfully sang to those celebrating their birthday in the month of August.

The volunteers from ANZ were truly a blessing to the kids of Pangarap Foundation. We sincerely thank them for pooling together their time and resources to spend a wonderful and meaningful day at the shelter for boys. Thank U! as well to Pangarap Foundation for again opening their doors for us.

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