172 Alitaptap Story Tellers Celebrates with Virlanie Foundation

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Written by Kuya Harvard

It’s the 5th day of Christmas on our 12 Days list of events and we still got stories to tell! Who says storytelling is boring? Not me, nor for every one of the kids who attended! Especially if the Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines is in the house!

As the group describes, “alitaptap” is named after “the fascinating firefly, whose mystic lights in the dark connote enchantment which storytellers weave into the stories, enriching and delighting audiences of all times.” With this in mind, words from the story books they brought came to life.

40 kids from Barangay Singkamas, plus volunteers converge at the La Paz Covered Court, Makati last December 15, 3PM. Despite the holiday hullabaloo and the chaotic traffic, 40 volunteers came to help build children’s imagination with their storytelling prowess. I’m sure they learned a lot too from the kids’ VERY active participation.

Kuya Rich, of Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines, led his talented team by sharing locally-published storybooks in full color. They not only “told” stories but they acted the characters out – with the participation of the kids, of course. Everyone had a grand time mimicking the activities of ants, grasshoppers, kites, and just bringing out the kid in every heart!They even had artful face painting activity as an add-on.

A game of Paint-a-Picture followed after the stories to practice the groups’ acting skills by freezed poses that implies a scene given by the emcee. A contest was even made for groups to “tell” the song-story of the “saranggola” (kite) by singing and acting the story out. We all had LSS (Last Song Syndrome) afterwards. Reminiscent of the times when we used to play kite on the streets!

Finally we gave the volunteers an opportunity to do story telling on their own. We distributed various stories for a more intimate version for the kids. It was aindeed a magically story-filled day.

Written by Board Member, Alexis Joy Po.

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