722 Advent Software’s Zumba with Virlanie Foundation

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

After organizing a 3M run way early in the morning, we set our eyes to have one more event. It was a tough schedule having less than 2 hours sleep. So while waiting for sponsors from Advent Software, I sat and fell asleep. I was fortunate enough to still have some of our members in tow. Am glad they have hearts of gold.

Today our workshop is Zumba. Kuya Alvin came early and got the crowd fired up with 4 songs with different steps. The kids who were filled with energy went front while our volunteers fought to keep up with them.

We also had two games, one was focused more on patience, called Stack Me Up. It used cones which were challenging to create a pyramid from. It sure did test each one. Next was Get In, this got really competitive. Kids and volunteers had to go through series of hula hoops to win.

Our sponsor, Advent Software also gave donations in the form of groceries to Virlanie. This was on top of school supplies they gave each participant. It was truly a happy moment despite our fatigue to see our participants interacting and having fun together.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events