227 Ate Aizza’s Accessory Making Workshop with Holy Family Home

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Since our group has been more focused on Learning Components events, we requested our sponsor, Ate Aizza Fernandez, to come up with a workshop for the girls of Holy Family Children’s Home in Makati City.

Accessory making is an ideal workshop since Ate Aizza and her friend, Ate Pam, are both into it and the beneficiaries were all girls. Before we the workshop began, Kuya Harvard had a creative game for the teams of kids and volunteers. He came up with a list of different items of which the five groups have to come up with 4 cut outs. Some of the items he requested were princess, house, lechon and Sister Luz, the one in charge of the home. We call this game bring me art. This game also encourages the teams to practice using the scissors for the workshop.

The workshop focused on creating unique accesories.  We used old clothes in different colors as the main material. They have to be cut into strips and then stretched, before they add flowers and other designs to make them more interesting. For the culminating activiy, each team dressed up one of their team members with the accessories they made.

To encourage the kids to continue learning, Ate Aizza and friends left old clothes for them to practice on. Check out our next events and see what workshops we have prepared for the kids and U!

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