851 Accenture Celebrates with Culiat Elementary School

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Kai Garcia

In today’s fast-paced world, people tend to lose sight of positivism inside them. Working tirelessly everyday would sometimes make a person feel the urge to quit their jobs. Nevertheless, in spite of corporate stress that employees experience, Accenture celebrated a special event by sponsoring the children of the Culiat Elementary School. Being one of the leaders in the BPO industry, Accenture has once again exhibited their corporate responsibility.

Culiat Elementary School is one of those schools where children from the depressed area attend. Despite being poor, the students have strived and reap academic awards. That day’s event has proven how children are proud and happy to be there.

What an enjoyable moment to watch volunteers and children get to know each other. We’ve seen how delighted they have been as they dance and laugh altogether. The elementary school experience won’t be complete without playing outside the classrooms for sure. So we gathered all of them and assembled pairs for our exciting egg game where one of the players was blindfolded. The energy and excitement were indeed evident as the eggs were thrown!

After that lively game, it was time for the creativity to be showcased. Colorful art materials have been distributed where students created their own Christmas card. They drew hearts and bright Christmas trees as design. It’s like an early Christmas celebration as the employees of Accenture shared gifts to the students.

We can only portray through pictures how successful the event has gone. But their smiles are enough to truly describe the heartfelt joy the students felt that day. With simple gifts and learning activities/games, we hope that we left a viable impact to these children that they will always treasure.

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U! Happy Events