706 Accenture BST Team’s Art In Island with ECPAT

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Written by Core Team Leader, Ate Monica Molina

January was definitely a great way to kick-off the new year. With eight events for the month and a continuously growing team, we can definitely say that this year is looking pretty good for us. For our 706th event, and the last one for the month, Accenture BST showed how much they cared. From the list of our many partner beneficiary organizations, they chose ECPAT to share their experience with in Art in Island, Asia’s largest interactive 3D art museum.

ECPAT is an international organization connecting networks around the globe to fight against sexual exploitation of children. Although the general public might be aware of the negative impact that it has on children and to society, only a few of us might actually know the gravity of the situation. Over 1.8 million children worldwide are victims of sexual exploitation through prostitution and child pornography. It is also believed that around 16% of human trafficking victims are children for sexual exploitation. This billion dollar industry thrives not only on those who support it, but also on those who tolerate it.

On January 30, 2016, Accenture BST served as an example on how to take a stand against sexual exploitation of children. The day started out with the volunteers meeting the children and through a simple game of searching your matching number, the volunteers and the children instantly clicked with each other. The next few hours were spent posing and taking photos in Art in Island. As a “buddy system” was established, the Ates and Kuyas of Accenture BST and the children of ECPAT really got to bond and know each other. It was amazing to watch how each pair found comfort in each other as they went through each attraction in the museum. The event was concluded with a few games and the volunteers and children sharing a meal… And hugs! …which turned into tears for some of the children as they parted with their partner volunteers.

The event showed that, in our own way, we can give hope and share love to one another. Regardless of how little (or big) those acts may be, we can show support to those who need it the most.

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