A Christmas Story at CCT Pasay

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Written by: Kuya Glenn Costales, President

A slow Saturday quickly picked up when we met a lively assembly of volunteers for an event at Center for Community Transformation (CCT) in Pasay City. With focus on the Bible and Jesus Christ, CCT is a ministry that provides educational, physical and spiritual support to bring about wholistic changes to the poor.

We gathered 50 kids to join our energetic bunch of kuyas and ates from part of the Singles group of The Feast Bay Area. Our volunteers and kids may have been bursting with enthusiasm, but they were quite easy to mellow down as we organized them into 5 groups. Their first interaction was animated right off the bat as they got to know each other. It was a smooth transition to our 1st game called Pass the Ball.

This game is one of our original ones and it made use of a giant beach ball. They passed this around each member of the group as a song played. While doing so, they had to remember 4 gestures – a Bible, a cross, a smile and a heart. As soon the music stopped, the person with the beach ball had to quickly stand up and perform any of the 4 symbols we asked for. More than the excitement the game brought, it was a fitting reminder of what the month’s ‘merriment’ was all about – the gift of salvation from Jesus Christ through the cross, as written in the Bible, which eternally brought a smile to those who accepted it in their hearts.

The next game we played was the Stack Me Up game wherein the groups raced to form perfect pyramids of different numbers and sizes. This is one of our all-time favorites and never fails to bring exhilaration and enjoyment to our volunteers and kids.

The volunteers then took the stage for their own rendition of A Christmas Story. The kuyas and ates didn’t let the kids watch idly by though as they made impromptu actors and actresses of some them throughout the performance.

There was so much cheers and joyful energy throughout the event and the volunteers made sure this overflowed to the kids. They prepared so much gifts that the kids had to carry them in big plastic bags. It was indeed a moving sight.

Thank U to these wonderful kuyas and ates. Their fervor to serve was only matched by their willingness to spend their time and treasures with the kids of CCT.

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U! Happy Events