982 Umali Family’s Art Workshop with Talking Hands

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Written by: Kuya Joms Lapira, Core Team Member

Remembering Baby Angel Sab with Talking Hands

Mommy Tess and Daddy Carlo Umali were supposed to have a baby, but they got an angel instead.

August 12, 2017 marks the 4th death anniversary of Baby Sab who died because of sepsis and an undetected pneumonia. She was 1 year old.

To commemorate Baby Sab’s passing, Mommy Tess, Daddy Carlo and Kuya Sam hosted an art workshop for the kids of Talking Hands, Quezon City. There were 27 kids, which include 16 deaf-mute and 1 with down syndrome.

Communication was challenging because of our inexperience with sign language. However, we managed to pull through because of the presence of parents who could do sign language. We also had a crash course on doing sign language and hand gestures to communicate with the kids.

We had 5 groups: Team Angel, Team Cuties, Team Dreamers, Team Kulits and Team Probinsyano. We played a modified “pass me the message”, and “cup stacking”. Team Angel eventually prevailed in the contests!

After the games, we had an art workshop. The kids showed their creativity through Ate Blanca’s guidance. Each kid made their own “uniquely shaped buddy” from colored papers. It was an easy-to-make activity for the kids who are aged 4-7 years old!

No U! Happy Event is complete without food! We had Amber’s BBQ and pancit. The kids enjoyed the healthy sumptuous food! We finished the program by handing out loot bags, toys and Goldilocks goodies.

It was the Umali family’s 2nd time to host an outreach event in memory of Baby Sab. It was a memorable day for the Umali’s and they plan to do outreach annually.

Baby Sab may be with the Lord now, but her memory will continue to live on in the hearts of the Umali’s.

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