988 On The Go Realty’s Art Workshop with Bahay Aruga

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Written by: Ate Charmain Tan, External Vice President

It was the 19th year anniversary of On The Go Realty. A real estate company based in Cavite, it is the in-house marketing partner of Property Company of Friends Inc since 1999. They offer house and lot in Cavite at reasonable prices. All 50 employees traveled all the way from Cavite to share their blessings with the children of Bahay Aruga. Located in San Marcelino Manila, Bahay Aruga is a free halfway house for pediatric cancer patients. President Miss Mayet opened up her property to provide a home to these children. These children are currently undergoing chemo treatment and surgery at Philippine General Hospital (PGH), which is close in proximity from the center.

We asked some of the employees of On The Go to introduce themselves to the kids. They talked about their favorite food and what kind of work they do for the company. They then joined the three groups of children. They were able to get to know the kids in their groups and each came up with its own group name. The groups were Team Agila, Team Happy Lang, and Team Tatlong Bibe. We played the song Tatlong Bibe as team three showed us a short group performance. It was nice to watch the kids dance with their ates and kuyas.

The first game we played was Pass the Bottle. Each teams were given 2 huge baby bottles. As the music played they had to pass the bottles around. When the music stopped the two members holding the bottles had to stand up. The volunteers were really competitive as they kept getting faster and faster. In the end it was Team Agila who won the game.

The next activity was a performance by our magician Kuya Kobe. He did his popular tricks like birds flying out from pouches and colorful boxes popping out from thin cardboards. There was also a cute bunny that sprang out on a platter. He called on a child volunteer to assist him in his magic. He put on a magicians hat on her. He also combed her hair with a giant comb and all the kids laughed when he brought it out. A snake sprang out from a bottle and the volunteers all shouted and laughed. He then drew a face on a white board and the eyes and mouth magically moved. The kids laughed and they all started pointing and saying “It’s moving! It’s moving!” A big round of applause was given to our favorite magician Kuya Kobe of the Salamangkero group.

The next activity was the art workshop by Teacher Blanca. She taught the kids how to make a poster with paper cutouts. Each group was given a poster sized board. The theme of the day was Home, On the Go being a real estate company and Bahay Aruga being a home for the kids. In line with the theme home, Teacher Blanca asked the groups to draw a huge house on the board. Colorful papers cut in small squares were given to each team. Teach Blanca then asked them to put glue on the parts inside the house. The kids then got to put colorful square papers onto the board as a way of putting color to the homes. All groups were very creative in their drawing. Each group then came up to the front with their artwork and gave a description. Team Agila created a huge house with a sun. The second team created a house lined with trees on both sides and they named it Bahay ng mga Munting Anghel (Home of the Little Angels). The third group drew a home and a group of people around it representing the family they have. It was topped with a rainbow and sun.

After the activities On the Go, headed by Ate Love, gave art packs and fluffy colorful blankets to the kids. They also donated a sack of rice and other grocery items like drinks and snacks. We gave out prizes to the winners of the game. It was a challenge to do the group photo as there were a lot of volunteers that day. Our German photographer Kuya Chris tried using the Filipino words he knows to get everyone ready for the group shot. It came out nice as everyone was able to fit in the frame. Everyone then got to enjoy their early dinner as the volunteers still had a long drive back to the south area. We thank On the Go for celebrating their 18th anniversary with the children of Bahay Aruga. These children have to fight an uphill battle even at a young age. As I was preparing to leave on of the kids told me to go back there again. With the little things we do for them hopefully we are able to bring them hope.

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