700 Kuya Butch’s Face Painting Workshop with Manila Boys Town

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

The beginning of the year reunited U! Happy Events with the uber-energetic kids of Boystown in Marikina City. Kuya Butch and Ate Cleene ushered in 2016 for U! by sponsoring an entertainment-filled event at the shelter for street children. Kuya Butch had celebrated his birthday a couple of days earlier and Ate Cleene made sure it extended into a rather unique and meaningful activity.

The couple was joined by some family members and close friends as they gamely introduced themselves in front of the kids. They soon got organized into different groups as the kids then took the time to get acquainted with their Kuyas and Ates for the day.

After getting comfortable with each other, the entire group played Spell It. In this game, letters were given for the teams to form using their own members. In each round, the fastest team to form the letter got a point. Aside from this, they also had to guess the mystery word being revealed as the different letters were provided. Some of the teams were fast. One of them was creative in their formation. One group though played it smart and just let the other teams form the letters. They picked their spot and ended up getting the mystery word and the win for their kids.

It was then on to the entertainment parts of the program. Kuya Eric took front and center and delighted the kids with a very engaging magic act.

A charming Bubble Show by professional artist Kuya Allan was next up for the volunteers and kids. The act certainly did not fall short in gathering awestruck reactions especially from the kids. Some of them even got to step inside the big sparkling spheres as an added treat.

U!’s resident face-paint artist Kuya Eric was next up for the day’s main activity – the Face Painting Workshop. Kuya Eric guided everyone on how to brighten up each other’s faces by using some vibrant paint to draw portraits in each other’s cheeks. Some were able to paint a dragon while others did a butterfly. Most of the girls did a flower, while some of the boys just smeared stuff and created ‘abstracts.’

Some needed nourishment was then in store for everyone as the groups gathered again for a serving of pizza and pasta. Gifts soon made their way around the open venue as Kuya Butch and Ate Cleene handed out school supplies and some tasty treats to the kids.

Thank U! to Ate Cleene for making Boystown part of her birthday ‘surprise’ for Kuya Butch. Thank U! as well to all their friends and family who spent time with the kids. With the thoughtfulness and sincerity from this bunch, it was indeed a great start to 2016!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events