992 Movie Screening: The Emoji Movie with Gawad Kalinga Laura, Taguig

Monday, August 28, 2017

Written by: Kuya Glenn, President

We meet a lot of people in our activities as they sponsor events to celebrate birthdays, promotions and anniversaries. In other times though, they are just happy to pass on and share their blessings to children. Kuya Mark was one of those people as he gathered his friends and 25 kids from Gawad Kaling (GK) Laura in Taguig for an event brimming with fun and entertainment.

An accountant by profession, Kuya Mark is also a law student and an advocate of financial literacy. While he sincerely enjoys what he does every day, this event was an invigorating break from his daily grind. Aside from that, it was also about giving back and being grateful to the blessings he receives.

Kuya Mark was joined by his friends from both school and work at our venue – Sangkap Restaurant in Vista Mall, Taguig. It was a wonderful reunion as they all made new friends in the person of our spirited kids from GK Laura.

Before proceeding to the theater, we made sure our kuyas, ates and kids were well-acquainted. We played 2 games to get them comfortable with each other – the Stack Me Up game and Blow Me Up.

A total of 5 teams comprised our games’ participants. The Stack Me Up game made use of paper cups which the teams raced to form perfect pyramids with different sizes and numbers. The uproar in the restaurant definitely kick several notches higher with the teams voices and cheers as they worked together to form their paper cup edifice.

The next game required some lung power with Blow Me Up. Each member was given an empty balloon. We then showed them a blown up one whose size they had to replicate by blowing into theirs. As tiring as it may have been (for some) after several rounds, the volunteers and kids sure had fun in this unique contest.

Sangkap then served a splendid and healthy serving of lunch to the kids and volunteers. After the meal, Kuya Mark gathered all his friends to distribute the gifts they prepared. Aside from a toiletries set, they also prepared some school supplies and other treats. And to get them even more excited for the movie, we induced a bit of sugar rush with some ice cream right before we headed off to the mall’s theater.

The event was not without difficulty. A sincere thank U! to Vista Mall is in order for moving their screening time just to accommodate our kids. Thank U! to all who made the event possible – GK Laura, Sangkap and of course, to Kuya Mark and his very game and kind-hearted friends.

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