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Written by: Ate Charmain Tan, VP-External

It was a frantic Thursday afternoon as we headed to Cayetano Sports Complex in Bagumbayan Taguig. It was the birthday celebration of Ate Mimi’s husband. She has been doing regular outreach activities through the years. She heads out to different communities about five times a year to reach out to underprivileged children. This is her first event with U! Happy Events and we thank her for partnering with us. She chose the children from Gawad Kalinga Laura. The children and their families live in the Gawad Kalinga housing in Laura Drive Taguig. We have been visiting their homes since 2014. Last week, we brought some of the kids to Active Fun at BGC and until today they were still telling me about the giant slides they got to try and how much fun they had.

The children from Gawad Kalinga Laura started arriving at the same time we got to the venue. Teacher Irma and the hundred kids welcomed us. It was a particularly warm afternoon and it wasn’t an easy task organizing 100 kids. There were kids as young as four and some were a bit shy at first and cried when they couldn’t see their parents. The parent volunteers of GK Laura helped us in grouping the children into 10. The area was packed as it was filled with all the kids and their parents. The first activity was face painting. Our master artist Kuya Eric did some really nice images on the kids’ faces. The girls had flowers and butterflies while the boys had superhero symbols drawn. The kids were so excited as they waited for their turn.

While some of the kids were doing the face painting we had our afternoon snacks. The children enjoyed spaghetti, hotdogs and marshmallows on a stick. Ate Mimi brought her Mang Domeng’s Bibingka for dessert. After enjoying some good food we played the Pass the Ball game. All teams were given balls. As the music played they had to pass the ball around the group. When the music stopped the person holding the ball had to do the instruction given before the start of each round. They had to stand or dance. The mothers of the kids were also part of the groups and they were the most competitive ones. Some of the mothers danced their hearts out. The kids laughed and shouted as they excitedly passed the balls around. In the end it was the most energetic Group 1 who won the game. We gave out piggy bank bottles to the children in group 1.

The next activity we had was Art Workshop by Teacher Blanca. She taught the kids how to make pop up cards. The cards featured a pop up umbrella in line with the rainy season. The kids were given art materials like cardboards, colored papers, scissors, crayons, and glue. Teacher Blanca taught them how to make the umbrella. The colored papers were folded accordion style and glued to the cardboard. As the board opens the umbrella opens up. The kids then got to draw the people holding the umbrella. They also added clouds and rain. Some of the kids were so creative as they made really nice cards. We had our photos taken with the kids and their cute artwork.

After the art workshop Ate Mimi, with the help of her staff, gave out gift packs for the children. There were candies in green and white striped containers. Everyone was so excited to get their gifts. We then sang a Happy Birthday song to thank Ate Mimi for sharing her blessings with the children of GK Laura.

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