963 Jacob’s Minecraft Birthday with Precious Heritage Children’s Home

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Written by: Ate Iris Boo, Core Team Member

The idea of birthdays has always been exciting, not only because you get to eat your favorite ice cream and chocolate cake, but for the reason that you can spend it with the people who are close to your heart like your family and friends. Well, some kids would prefer celebrating their special day with their classmates or schoolmates. But with Jacob, he chooses to spend his 7th birthday with other kids from Precious Heritage. The Precious Heritage is a non-profit charitable organization in Antipolo City which aims to help the orphaned, abandoned and less privileged children and families.

Our birthday boy, Jacob, together with his family and friends designed the place with a “Minecraft” theme since it is his favorite app/game. Their family looked so cool while wearing their Minecraft printed shirts which also matches the balloons, party loot bags and giveaway items for the event. The 30 kids from precious home were grouped into 5 joined with our volunteers, the Ates and Kuyas. They had a short ‘getting to know’ segment before they proceeded with our first activity which was the “ABCD Game”. For this game, Kuya Harvard will ask questions and whatever letter is the correct answer, the kids have to go to their Ate or Kuya who’s holding the letter. Some of the questions were like ‘how many planets are there in the solar system?’‘How many squares are there on a chess board?’ And the most random question of all: ‘how long is Rapunzel’s hair?’ It’s a question that even I would not know the answer and it’s funny to see that most kids were really wondering how long that girl’s hair is. The last question was ‘how many books are there in the bible?’, and I’m impressed to see that all of the kids were sure with their answer. This goes to show that they really are reading the bible.

The game was followed with a magic show and the kids were also entertained with it. Afterwards, we watched numerous science experiments such as the cloud and fog formation using dry ice and hot water, the volcano eruption using elephant toothpaste, the smoke-filled bubbles, and lastly the finger tingler. All of us were so excited in all of the experiments and we surely discovered a lot of new things about science.

After all the educational activities, the kids happily ate their spaghetti and chicken meal from McDonald’s and they enjoyed their unlimited Sorbetes ice cream as well. Additionally, before we wrap-up the program, we distributed the loot bags and giveaways, containing personal care kit and some of their favorite snacks. The kids were delighted for they have received a lot of gifts not only because of the material things that the family and friends of Jacob have given but also the love that they’ve shared with one another.

The set up for this celebration may be simple, but Jacob has shown that the simplest things are the most meaningful ones. His parents were truly admirable for instilling good values to their children at such a very young age. All of the kids were so happy! They enjoyed this day so much and we are grateful the you’ve partnered with us 

Birthdays should always be special! It is a gift from God, a blessing which symbolizes another year for growth, for happiness, and for learning. Come celebrate with us! Here in U! Happy, we make your Birthday a memorable day!

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