950 Johnson & Johnson’s Fly High with Gawad Kalinga Laura

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Written by Board Member, Ate Weng Cutangco

Johnson & Johnson is a multi-national brand known for their skincare, bath and grooming products. What most of us don’t know is they have several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs which serves the marginalized sectors in the countries where they are present.

On May 24, our event was graced by several representatives from around the world with 25 kids from a nearby community – Gawad Kalinga Laura Taguig, visiting the office of J&J for an afternoon of fun and festivities.

J&J employees were each paired with a kids from GK Laura to kick off the event. To warm things up, the pairs were grouped and played a short getting-to-know activity. Each person was asked to say their name, their favorite vegetable, and their dreams.

Now that the group has bonded, they had to show off their team skills with our games which Kuya Harvard called How Big is Your Dream. Teams had to pretend to sleep by closing their eyes and in dozing off position. As soon as Kuya Harvard says go they had to make the biggest something first. Some of the shapes and things mentioned include star and heart.

Our most requested activity, Art Workshop, was facilitated by Ate Blanca. The kids (and volunteers, too!) had a blast making Fly High. It took some effort to cut, fold, and paste, but everyone took home a cute display of planes that can be hang on their doors, beds or anywhere they wish. This activity was centered to the theme that day of Dream Big. The art activity was designed to make them aim higher.

A Puppet Show by Kuya Dennis was our main entertainment for the afternoon. He is a popular ventriloquist, performing in different platforms even in television. Everyone was entertained and it was evident to the laughter and smiles.

A sumptuous healthy rice meal was served to recharge the energy of the kids and volunteers. Jel’s our supplier from the south served Spaghetti with Meatballs paired with child favorite, Chicken Fingers.

Before we ended the program, the volunteers handed out J&J loot bags which contained their basic bath & grooming essential products.

The joy and laughter shared by the kids and volunteers is hard to describe in a short article, but the photos will definitely show you how happy were to be part of this awesome event.

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