928 Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila Celebrates with UNO Kids

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Written by Vice President for Internal, Ate Charmain Tan

We had another fun day with the UNO Kids, the children living in the neighboring communities in Leveriza Manila. Our partnership started with them in 2012 and since we have known them for quote a while now we have seen some of these kids since they were little. It is always nice to be able to visit them once again. The sponsors for today’s event were a group of students from Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila (TIP). It was a joint event of the members of Architecture Department Student Counsil (ARDSC) and Architectural Students’ Association of the Philippines (ASAPHIL). These architectural students were all energy as they arrived at the Makabata Guesthouse in Leveriza.

We introduced the volunteers to the children and we divided everyone into four groups. The teams were Team Dos, Team Happy, Team Summer Time, and Team Dabs. For our first game we played the Math Paper Cup Relay game. We gave paper cups and straws to each of the teams. The members had to form a straight line with everyone holding their straws. We then gave mathematical problems and the correct answer represented the number of paper cups they were to pass to one another all the way to the last person. The last person then had to put the paper cups on the chair at the end of the line. The first team that passed the correct number of paper cups got a point. It was fun as the volunteers came up with the answers as fast as they could while everyone was excitedly passed the paper cups making sure they did not fall onto the ground.

The second game we played was Stack Me Up. Each team was given 45 paper cups. They had to form a pyramid using the exact number of paper cups we specified. As the numbers were exact, each team had to make sure they did not have an extra paper cup lying around. It was a challenge as they had to redo the entire stack if they were one cup short or had one cup extra. Some of the teams did well as they were able to finish fast.

The next activity we did was In and Out. Each team was given a hula hoop. We then gave a category and those members falling within the category either had to be inside or outside the hula hoop. For instance, if we say those wearing red shorts had to be inside the hula hoop, then all the members in red shorts had to go inside the hula hoop. It was really fun to watch as the members scrambled to get inside the hula hoop and they had to make sure they all fit inside. Everyone had lots of fun with this activity.

The next activity was The Replacements. In this game, we showed a photo to two of the members of each them. The photo showed a group of people doing specific poses. The two members then had to re-create the photo by explaining to the other members as he remembered it to be. Some of the groups did well as they were able to remember the exact poses accurately. The other groups were also fun to watch as some of them did poses very different from the photo.

For the last activity we had storytelling where the volunteers picked storybooks which they shared with the children. The winners of the games from previous activities then got to keep the storybooks as prizes. The volunteers also gave hunger packs to all the kids. As we said our goodbyes the kids hugged and thanked their ates and kuyas for spending the day with them.

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