924 USCAA’s Zumba with Little Lights

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Written by Board Member, Kuya Matthew Chua

Ronald McDonald’s place was turned into a dance floor when Manila-based University of Southern California Alumni Association (USCAA) chose to partner with U! Happy Events to do Zumba with 25 kids of Little Lights Ministry.

It was the afternoon of March 18, 2017 (Saturday) when Manila-based USC Alumni sponsored an event at McDonald’s Super 8 Grocery Warehouse as their contribution to this year’s International Day of SCervice.

The event started with getting to know. USC Alumni gathered in front of kids and introduced their names and their favorite summer activity. They were then assigned to their respective groups and were given the chance to know their members. Everyone was instructed to share the following information to their group mates: Name, favorite summer food, and favorite summer activity. Once done with knowing one other, the group then have to come up with a group name.

Enthusiasm was so evident inside the room. Everyone’s eager to start the zumba session. Kuya Jap along with his two companions led the warm up and the zumba proper. Both kids and sponsors were so energetic and so much game in whatever moves our instructors gave. To even heighten the energy of the room, a surprise visit from Birdie took place. Birdie joined everyone by showing her own grooves. The session ended with tired yet happy participants.

It’s time for everyone to lay low and watch kuya Rene, our professional ventriloquist, do the trick. He and his puppet entertained kids and sponsors as they delivered funny conversations and scenarios. Kids definitely love their team up. Right after kuya Rene’s show, food were served. And to end the event, giving of gifts, group pictures, and warm hugs were seen inside the place.

This event won’t be possible without USC alumni’s response to their school’s annual International Day of SCervice. They chose to make a day of difference to kids of Little Lights Ministry by providing them an activity that’s worth remembering. This event won’t materialise if none of them had accepted the challenge imposed by their alma mater – to have a day dedicated for delivering service to other, which creates lasting impact.

USCAA, Fight on!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events