922 Ate Amanda’s Zumba with ECPAT Philippines

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Written by President, Kuya Glenn Costales

Another reunion with the lively youngsters of ECPAT was in store for the volunteers last Sunday. Ate Mandy was celebrating her 12th birthday and she was joined by her wonderful parents Daddy John and Mommy Madel. Together with their friends and family, they gathered together 30 kids to join them in their celebration.

As always, we made sure that the volunteers and kids were comfortable with each other through a simple getting-to-know activity. To make things even more fun and also draw a spirit of togetherness, the groups came up with their team names. The event introduced us to Team Charlie’s Angels, Justice League, GGSS (Gandang-Ganda-Sa-Sarili) and Team-Ko-To.

We played 2 games that afternoon. The 1st one was the Replacements game. In this game, a representative from each group was given 30-seconds to view a picture of people. They then had to run to their groups and position each member similar to the portrait they just saw. Several rounds ensued which saw the competitive juices flowing. It was a great way to start the afternoon.

The 2nd game was called reverse charades. Instead of the usual charade, only 1 person had to guess the word being asked for while the rest of team acted them out. We played around with the category of professions and came up with some interesting lines of work like scuba diver, astronaut, news reporter and others more.

The final activity of the day was a high-octane Zumba session led by Teacher Christine. We danced our way through 3 songs which had both volunteers and kids turning up the tempo as they mirrored the peppy dance movements of Teacher Christine.

It was then finally time for a hearty snack for our cheerful participants. The birthday event was made even more radiant with an astonishing swan-themed decoration at the venue’s dining area. The kids were served pancit, pizza, cupcakes and others more which they enjoyed with their kuyas and ates.

Before seeing the kids off, the volunteers handed out loot bags to the kids and a final photo chronicled the event’s enthusiastic interaction.

We couldn’t be happier and more inspired to see a young volunteer like Ate Mandy share her special day with the kids of ECPAT. With the support of her parents, we know she will continue to being a blessing to other as she grows up. Thank U! to all who made the day indeed special.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events