909 Ate Nikki’s Valentine Tree with Right Start

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Written by Core Team Leader, Ate Glaiza Mercurio

Last Saturday, Ate Nikki, together with her friends and brothers, celebrated her 16th birthday with the kids of Right Start Foundation. About 25 volunteers gathered with the 37 kids from Right Start in Sangkap Restaurant along Capt. Henry Javier in Pasig City. They were grouped in five teams, where each team was accompanied by a volunteer Ate and a core member.

The first thing they did was to give a name to their team and to get to know each other by giving trivia about themselves. They then played the cup stacking challenge. Each team was given 45 cups and were given instructions on how many pyramids to form every round. The kids and volunteers had a good time creating pyramids at the fastest time to beat the other teams!

Then the magic show and workshop ensued. The kids were taught two magic tricks that they could play when they get home – the flying match trick and the missing ball trick. They were even given the props to play these magic tricks. The kids were fascinated that these magic were just tricks that they can do themselves!

Next came the art workshop by Ate Bianca. Since Valentine’s Day was nearing already, they were taught how to create a Valentines treat for their loved ones. The kids did a tree using the shape of their hands and wrote love notes to their parents that were hanged on the colorful tree. Many kids were thankful to their mom and dads, while some were making colorful shapes that looked beautiful as well.

After having a sumptuous meal, Ate Nikki and her band called “The Skunks” serenaded the kids with three songs. They also gave away school bags and blankets for the kids to take home. At the end of the event, the kids from Right Start had wonderful stories to share from that morning spent with Ate Nikki and her friends!

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