919 Ate Denise Celebrates with Precious Heritage Children’s Home

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Written by President, Kuya Glenn Costales

It was off to Antipolo for a Sunday event with the kids of Precious Heritage Children’s Home (PHCH). Most of our past events had us take the children out to different venues like museums and other attractions for children. This time though, the kids welcomed us at PHCH’s home ground just about a few minutes outside Metro Manila.

25 kids had just finished lunch and were excited to meet their ates and kuyas for the day. The event was made possible by Ate Denise, a young professional who was set to celebrate her birthday in a couple of days. She was joined by her friends and former colleagues all the way from Makati.

After organizing the kids into five (5) teams, the volunteers made their way up front and introduced themselves to the kids. The event started a few hours after noon so we had them do a 5-second dance to shake the cobwebs off.

The kuyas and ates were then distributed into the 5 groups and the kids introduced themselves this time. They also came up with team names and they fused into it the kind of values and guidance PHCH provides. Their team names included words like love, hope, gladness, joy, faith and of course the source of it all, Jesus Christ.

The 1st of 3 games we played that day was the Hula Hoop relay. This game is always a great kickstarter as the groups get all excited and competitive trying to finish ahead of the others.

This was followed by the Stack Me Up game. Using paper cups, the teams had to stack and form perfect pyramids. But they first had to figure out how many cups they needed to use for each of the different-size-pyramids that we asked for.

The last game was one we hadn’t played in a while – Sing It Like You Mean It. In this game, the teams chose a representative who hummed songs while the other members tried to guess the title. The representative though had to do this while having a whole chunk of polvoron in his (or her) mouth. We gave each group a total of 10 songs and it was quite impressive as most of the teams were able to get all of the songs right.

Finally, the groups settled down for a much deserved snack. We also handed out story books to the games’ winning teams as their prizes. Being a birthday event, we did not let the event pass without singing Ate Denise a happy birthday. In turn, Ate Denise, together with her friends, handed out their donation to PHCH as a parting gift to all the kids.

We wish Ate Denise again a very blessed and happy birthday. Thank U! to all our volunteers for spending the Sunday with the equally grateful kids.

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