915 Ate Annie Celebrates with Quirino Memorial Medical Center

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Written by Vice President for External, Ate Charmain Tan

Today was the birthday celebration of Ate Annie, a certified nurse who know lives in Sweden. She is back here in the Philippines for a month in time for her birthday. She came here with her two children to show them how life is in Manila. She invited her childhood friends to join her celebration. Since she is a nurse she wanted to celebrate with the children of Quirino Memorial Medical Center in Katipunan. The hospital, operating under the Department of Health (DOH), was built in 1953 during the tenure of President Elpidio Quirino, therefore was named after him.

Twenty Five children joined us for the morning celebration. Most of them were recuperating from regular illness like vommitting and fever. These adorable children were excited as we grouped them with their ates and kuyas. We introduced the volunteers to the children then in turn they got to know the children and their parents. We then played Pass the Ball. Each team was given two balls that they had to pass around the group while the music played. When the music stopped the two people holding the balls had to stand and do the gesture that was specified before each round. The gestures were cross, X, and heart. It was fun to watch as some of the groups were very competitive. The next game we played was the Math Trivia Hula Hoop Game. We gave mathematical equations and teams had to come up with the numerical answer. Whatever the answer was that was the number of people to go inside the Hula Hoop. For instance, if the answer was six, then six of the members had to go inside the hula hoop. The teams tried their best to compute and move as fast as they could. Some of the members would be able to go inside the hula hoop really fast but then they had the wrong answer for the math problem. Eventually they groups got better as they solved the problems really fast.

We then got to watch the magic show of our popular magician Kuya Kobe. He performed his popular tricks. He drew an image on the board which would magically move. He also made lots of colorful scarves come out form the pouch. The children smiled as they watched his magical performance. Kuya Kobe also did a balloon twisting worshop. He created sword, heart, and other shapes from the balloon. The children happily held on to their colorful balloons. We then got to have our lunch with the children and their parents. As we said our goodbyes, we sang Ate Annie a happy birthday song and wished her a safe trip as she heads on back to Sweden.

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