914 Phi Lambda Delta Sorority’s Children’s Fair Year 3

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Written by Vice President for Internal, Ate Charmain Tan

This is our third year participating in the Children’s Fair held at the Children’s Playground at Luneta Park. The event was organized by UP College of Medicine’s Phi Lambda Delta Sorority for the third year. The students I talked to are mostly in their first and second year in medicine school at the UP Manila campus. They invited children with autism to participate in the event. These children were from the Pasay Chapter of the Autism Society. Most of these children go to Pasay SPED Center for their schooling and regular therapy.

The kids arrived excitedly with their parents at the park. There were several booths set up in the area including the U! Happy Events booth, which had face painting and ballon twisting. The other booths had art activities setup including make your own bag, clay arts, and windmill making. There were also cotton candy stand and my favorite, dirty ice cream. The kids walked around with their parents around the different booths. Our artist Kuya Eric was once again the most popular among the kids as they all wanted to do face painting. Superhero was the most popular theme among the boys, like Ironman and Spider-Man. Among the girls the famous face paint themes were Hello Kitty and flowers. The UP students also had fun as they had different images painted on their arms. Our balloon twisting man was also a popular stop as he created different shapes like dog, flower, sword, hat, swan, and others. Our balloon man was patient enough to teach me as I learned making dog and sword balloons. The kids got to pick from colorful balloons on the table. Some of them took their time as there were so many nice shapes to choose from.

After going around the booth the kids played several group games. They first played Stop Dance then they played Pass the Balloon where the teams formed straight lines and passed the balloons over their heads and in between their legs alternately. The fastest team with its balloon reaching the end of the line won that round. They also played The Boat is Sinking which was fun to watch as the kids hugged each other as they formed groups.

Phi Lambda Delta Sorority then thanked all their partners and sponsors for participating in the event. Some of the other partners were UP School of Medicine Phi Kappa Mu fraternity, The Hope Project, Yearn, Leap School for Young Children, UP Pre-Medical Society, Litratista, and many others. We had our group photo taken, which turned out to be a challenge fitting everyone in since there were so many participants. The kids were given gifts, prizes, and lunch as they happily thanked everyone for a wonderful morning. These kids go through regular therapy sessions and seeing these children respond well to the arts and social activities from today’s event give hope to the others who have children faced with the same challenge. As part of U! Happy Events we thank Phi Lambda Delta for her continuous advocacy in helping the children with special needs. We look forward to partnering with them in next year’s Children Fair.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events