913 Kuya Gab Celebrates with New Faith Family Home

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Written by President, Kuya Glenn Costales

It hard to believe it’s been over 2 years since we last visited the smart and exuberant kids from Kids International Ministries (KIM) in Cainta, Rizal. The orphanage is called New Faith Family Home. KIM is an international non-government organization that provides education, shelter and nourishment activities to at-risk children from indigent communities.

A mix of familiar smiles and new faces welcomed the U! Happy Team last Saturday for this reunion. The team was joined by Kuya Joseph and Ate Grace who put the event together to celebrate the 1st birthday of their baby boy, Gab. Safari-themed decorations were front and center with the joyful parents coming in their best safari attire. A number of their friends and family also participated as kuyas and ates to over 30 kids from Kids International Ministries.

The day started with the kids and volunteers being distributed into five (5) groups. They were given some time to get acquainted with some getting-to-know questions. This allowed everyone to settle into their groups while we prepared the 1st of 2 games that day.

The 1st game was called Papercup Mathematics. This original game is a relay that involves passing a specific number of paper cups using straws in the participants’ mouths. The teams would have to figure out the number of paper cups from the math trivia questions given. It became quite exciting not only because of the race to pass the paper cups but also to figure out the answer to each question such as the number of holes in humans face, the number of months with 31 days, etc. Teamwork, communication and some math skills were involved and it was a great way to start the event.

The next game played was called Bring Me Art. This is much like the Bring Me game but instead of just running to the front to bring the actual items, the teams were given art papers and scissors from which they would cut out the things being asked for. This game on the other hand involves some creativity as the volunteers and kids tried to picture the things in their head first before actually cutting them out. Some wonderful albeit interesting cut-outs emerged from the different rounds played and the teams surely had a bit of fun making them.

Professional magician Kuya Red next took the stage for an amusing and interactive magic show. Some of the kids were 1st-time audience members to a magic show so it was truly a special part of the event.

Some afternoon snacks were finally served to the kids and volunteers. This consisted of a delightful kids’ favorite meal and a potato twister treat. It was fitting nourishment to what had been an active day.

Before wrapping up, everyone of course sang Happy Birthday to baby Gab. It was an exceptional 1st birthday celebration courtesy of his jovial and gracious parents, Kuya Joseph and Ate Grace. Together with their friends, they also handed out gifts to the kids before seeing them off.

U! Happy Events extends its sincerest gratitude to KIM and to all our kuyas and ates for such a fun-filled event. Much like being in a safari, the volunteers took small steps and got acclimated quickly. They then went on a 2-hour-adventure, got to their destination and achieved their purpose.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events