912 Ate Geraldine Celebrates with Kamuning Elementary School

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Written by President, Kuya Glenn Costales

​It’s always a refreshing scene when we see old friends and colleagues come together in our volunteer events. Somehow, you know that the joy of reunion will just spill over to everyone around them. In this case, it was 30 kids from the Grade 3 and 4 classes of Kamuning Elementary School.

The event was put together by Ate Geraldine together with some former officemates and friends. It was for them a great way to spend an enjoyable and meaningful time together while also making new friends from the Quezon City-based school.

The school’s newest library became our venue for the Saturday morning affair. It was of course usually a serene place but the tables and chairs were moved aside and we were graciously given the green light to ‘do our thing.’ We got started by letting the volunteers introduce themselves to the kids by way of a 5-second individual dance. It’s always an effective way to get them loose. We then grouped them with their young companions – around 2-3 kuyas and ates per group – and allowed them to get acquainted with our getting-to-know questions.

Eager to get the activities rolling, we played Stack-Me-Up as our first game. Though played sitting down, this game never lacks in excitement and action. The groups competed to form pyramids by stacking paper cups of different numbers and sizes in a race-to-3 contest.

Kuya Ronnie, a professional magician and origami artist, then took the mic and led the entire group in an origami workshop. Origami is simply the art of paper folding. Kuya Ronnie showed the step by step process in making simple yet wonderful creations using origami paper. Throughout the workshop, the kids and volunteers got to make a dog, a butterfly, a heart and even a sailboat.

One of our more inspiring acts was up next – a bubble show by our bubble artist Kuya Alan. All the kids sat front and center as they all wanted to be up close to the dazzling bubbles. Not only that, the volunteers and kids also got to be inside the bubbles which was a first for many of them.

After the pleasing and learning-filled activities, we played another game right before having lunch. We played paper cup mathematics. This relay game included math trivia questions which was answerable by numbers 5 to 10. The teams then had to pass paper cups using straws in their mouth to the exact number of their answer.

Our sumptuous and much-deserved food was finally served to the kids and volunteers. We also handed out storybooks to the winning teams. Although only 2 teams came out as winners, everyone sure had fun playing the unique games prepared.

The kids and volunteers took one final group picture and embraced each other as they said their thank you’s and goodbyes.

Thank you to Kamuning Elementary School and the enthusiastic group of Ate Geraldine! It was indeed a Saturday morning well spent.​

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