908 DLSU Students Celebrates with John David Salvador

Friday, February 10, 2017

Written by Kuya Harvard

Young adults from De La Salle University took the time to reach out to community kids under the care of partner, John David Salvador. It was surely not an ordinary weekday for the students of the university and children who live in the slumps of Tondo, Manila. Last February 10 was about sharing the lives of one another, interacting through games and chatting about whatever their heart desired. Thanks to the leadership of our new core members, Kuya Aaron and Ate Beth this moment is now a treasured memory.

As the groups were placed together, they took about an hour to play three of our popular games. In or Out using the hula hoop was a high speed activity that required each member to identify if they are in or outside of the hula hoop depending on the category mentioned. Another exciting one, Pass The Ball also provides high level adrenaline rush as you need to stand up when music ends with you. The first one to do so in any group earns the prestigious point. Lastly a funny game, Pass The Charades gave uncontrollable burst of laughters as they act an animal (the theme that day) from one person to the next.

Jollibee treats were given at the end not just for nourishment but an act of celebration for what was accomplished. The students also gave tokens of sweets before they departed and bid their goodbyes. Thank you to Megan Reyes who coordinated with me this worthwhile event. Hope to see them again.

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U! Happy Events