905 Ate Sanj Celebrates with Habitat for Humanity

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Written by Kuya Harvard

One of our newest core members, Ate Sanj Resurruccion continued her tradition of celebrating her birthdays with children. Last year, she had a dance workshop with an orphanage in Makati, Virlanie Foundation. Check out this link on what happened back then. Ate Sanj does find happiness in the company of children and she makes sure her close friends embrace this as well.

Together with 29 kids and a number of volunteers, we had an afternoon in an open area in the middle of Habitat for Humanity homes. We had a series of activities and this started by huddling them into smaller groups for getting to know activity. It’s a must for us to be familiar with everyone first. It does create a more meaningful bonding experience.

One of our latest games, Tic Tac Toe ensued. The five teams cooperated, strategized and sped up their game to win. How to play? They just have to form a straight line of three of their assigned colored face towels and they do this one at a time in a line. They either place a face towel or take out the opposing teams.

Two of our most popular forms of entertainment followed, Magic and Bubble Show. Each one delighted the crowd and for a number of the kids it was their first time to witness these acts. I did gave a guideline before these started- no standing up. Sometimes the kids and sometimes the volunteers, just get too excited.

Treats of McDonald’s burger meals trailed after. Some of the small kids were able to finish off the set with fries too fast. And they did so with smiling faces.

Ate Sanj’s gifts were school supplies. Education is one of her beliefs and school supplies does assist.


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