903 Kuya Japeth Celebrates with Little Lights

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Written by Vice President for Internal, Ate Charmain Tan

Today was the birthday celebration of PBA’s Japeth Aguilar, one of the top players in the league. He is the star player of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, was the first pick in the 2009 PBA draft. Paired with Greg Slaughter, they are dubbed the Twin Towers. His girl friend, Cassandra, wanted to do something special for him. With the help of his fans, they were able to create a meaningful celebration for Kuya Japeth and the children of Little Lights Ministry. We have partnered with Kuya Joseph Casaje and his wife for the last seven years. They started Little Lights Ministry to provide assistance to the children in the community. As the kids arrived they were in awe to see the towering Kuya Japeth at his 6’9” height.

We grouped all the kids and volunteers and they got the opportunity to get to know one another by talking about their favorite basketball player. Most of the kids named Kuya Japeth as their favorite except for one kid who named Jeff Chan from Rain or Shine.

We then played the game Bring Me Art. We asked them to “bring” an item and the teams had to cut the item out from the different colored papers. The challenge was for each member to finish the cutout as fast as they could. The first team with all the members finishing first got a point. The items we asked them to cut were basketball related items like ball, shorts, shoes. We also asked them to do a Kuya Japeth cutout. It was funny watching the kids as they tried fitting a very tall Kuya Japeth cutout onto their papers.

We got to watch the spectacular performance of our magician Kuya Kobe. He did his popular tricks like doves flying out form pouches, polkadot umbrellas which kept opening. He also asked Kuya Japeth to help him out in his tricks. He filled two cups with water and asked Kuya Japeth to do as he did. He put the cup over his head. While doing turns, Kuya Kobe would throw the water from his cup little by little. He then poured the cup onto his head. The cup was empty as there was no more water in it. He then asked Kuya Japeth to do the same. When Kuya Japeth poured the cup there was magically no more water. Kuya Kobe also performed the flying table trick with Ate Cassandra, which was always one of the favorites.

Throughout the program the kids got the enjoy getting face painting by our talented artist Kuya Eric. They also got to enjoy watching the Bubble Show. The Bubble Man started with small bubbles then eventually worked his way towards really big ones. Some of the kids even got the chance to be inside the huge bubble.

On his special day, Kuya Japeth wanted to share and give back to the children in the community. He wants to be an inspiration to these children. Through the time spent today, we were able to bring smiles to these children and share our love.

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