902 Ate Joni’s Stick Dragon with Play, Learn and Serve

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Written by Kuya Harvard

Thanks to Ms. Katherine Pagal, the mother of Ate Joni we got to celebrate her 18th birthday in a more memorable way. Imagine if more young ladies opted to shift grand debu events to outreach, we could simply bless more children and their families. U! Happy Events hopes to continue this transformation moving forward. In example, we had a lot of kids’ birthdays in the last two years.

Ate Joni’s family and close friends came in batches as we hosted an event for 80 kids of Play, Learn and Serve. It was a packed venue but made more intimate as everyone got literally close to one another. We had a bunch of activities and these include entertainments of fantastic magic show and eye popping balloon twisting. These were both performed by Kuya Koby, one of our regular performers.

To built up more interactions from our guests, we had warm up questions answered by each one in their groups, a popular game we invented, bring me art and our main agenda that afternoon, make your own Dragon Tail. Chinese New Year was a week away and we felt this was apt for the event. Ate Blanca with the help of Ate Beth, one of our core members, patiently taught how to design their own masterpiece. Thanks to our Kuyas and Ates also for assisting our kids.

After all of these, we served McDonald packs of cheeseburger, fries and drink. For most of the kids this is their highlight. Being able to enjoy f

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events