901 Ate Katrina’s Enchanted Kingdom with CCT Visions of Hope

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Written by Sponsor, Ate Katrina

I have always loved amusement parks and kids, and when i heard U! Happy events can make that happen for me I was excited. I missed out on the other Enchanted Kingdom volunteer field trips before, so I decided to make my own.

Two months prior to the event I have booked and invited people to help me with this event “Blessed to Bless” for Center for Community Transformation from Laguna. An event that is focused on the kids, to inspire them with happy thoughts and laughter, encourage them to conquer their fears and build courage to open up to people they barely know. It was an exciting day for both my friends and I, we loved giving back to people and especially kids. My friends and I are all in the Start up world, where in our hearts are focused in building long term companies that will benefit the future generation. That is why being able to mingle with the future generation is quite a blessing even if it was just for the day.

So we got there pretty early, and when we saw the 25 kids we immediately started to breaking the ice with hugs and made them comfortable with the volunteers for the day. They were as excited as we were, especially the ones who has never been in Enchanted Kingdom.

Once the doors were opened kids lined up all giddy and hyped with the idea of what rides to expect and who will their companions be. During the first huddle we were divided into 3 large groups of kids and volunteers. getting the introduction out and planning the way to go around the park as a team.

Since the food was not ready teams have decided to run and 2 rides so as not to waste the time. Kids and volunteers rushed to the closest ride they could spot and the place was filled with laughter. While waiting in line the ate’s and kuya’s would get to know the kids more and play games with them. Some would even dance while waiting in line.

During the meals, teams would gather back under the tent and compare experiences, getting some time to rest and plan their next move. From the jungle log jam, bouncing boulders, flying fiesta, extreme tower, Rio grande and the air race. And their rest will be waiting in lines and watching 4D. Its amazing how they will plan their every move according to the lines they see and the time they have left in the park. They made sure that the day and trip was maximized.

Towards the end of the event, we huddled ate the entrance of the park and asked about their experience. The gift of books were given out to the kids and farewells were bid with tight hugs and thank yous. The kids were the sweetest, bravest and amazing kids. My friends and I have enjoyed the short but sweet day with the kids, it may seem exhausting but the energy of the kids was enough to keep us going. It was indeed a blessing to have spent this day with the kids and be a kid again.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events