536 Telstra’s Coffee Stain Art with Boys Town 1 of 4

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Edelma Sy

We at U! Happy believe that art activities can be effective in developing essential skills and values in children like creativity, focus, confidence and perseverance. Consequently, we are always grateful for every individual or company that partners with us in delivering meaningful activities to children who otherwise would not have access to such experiences and opportunities.

We welcomed July with the first of a four-week series of art workshops sponsored by our corporate partner, Telstra, for the kids of Boystown, Marikina. This is the second set of events they sponsored this year, the first being a 5-part dance workshop with Little Lights community children.

The kids and volunteers started arriving just as we finished setting up at the venue. They were promptly grouped into 5 teams, and an introduction of the volunteers followed. Aside from Telstra volunteers, several individuals also showed up that afternoon to spend time with the kids. They shared their names and showed their favorite shapes using their bodies. They also displayed their version of the very popular NaeNae moves, delighting everyone in the hall. They were then assigned to the different groups to be the kids’ Ates and Kuyas for the afternoon.

Kuya Harvard had everyone’s attention next as he led the groups into U! Happy’s version of Simon Says, Kuya Harvard Says! The teams were very concentrated in following Kuya Harvard’s valid commands and every group was tough to beat! The game ultimately ended with three winning groups.

Without much delay, we proceeded to the main event, with our resident artist-teacher Kuya Robby taking the spotlight. He taught everyone how to make coffee stain art. First, he introduced various forms of lines and curves, as well as different patterns that one can use in drawing. He guided us into drawing the Philippine Sea Turtle, while sharing that it belongs to the endangered species in the country and must therefore be protected. The kids employed their creativity as they explored different designs in making a sea turtle drawing with the patterns they were taught. When everyone was done, the groups were given cups of coffee which they were to use in coloring their creation. Here, they were taught that art is not limited to the common materials we learn at school. Instead, we are encouraged to use the wide variety of things around us to create an artwork.

It was such a fascinating time, seeing kids all absorbed in perfecting their best version of coffee stain art with the help and guidance of their Ates and Kuyas.

When everyone was done, our photographer took rounds to take photos as each kid proudly posed with his masterpiece in front of the camera.

Food was then distributed and shared among the teams over more getting-to-know conversations. Gifts and prizes were also given to the kids and the winning teams.

The day ended with the customary group photos and of course, the warm exchange of hugs between our kids and our volunteers. 😀 We had such a sweet sweet time and we would love for you to join us when we return next week as we continue to build not only new art projects, but also meaningful relationships with our youngsters at Boystown!

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