505 Ate Amira Celebrates with Gentle Hands

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Issa Gayatin

It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning in Gentle Hands, Quezon City. Although the whole place was extraordinarily busy, everyone’s attention was riveted on the basketball court where most of the activity was taking place.

HeyHOLIDAY was busy setting up a rubber lawn on the floor, installing white picket fences to border the sides, placing a big wall of yellow fans to mark the stage and stringing vibrant yellow balloons all over. All this to celebrate the first birthday of Baby Amira who chose to celebrate it with her relatives and close friends, and the 42 kids of Gentle Hands.

By 10am, the place was fully decorated and all the guests were present. It was time to party! The morning’s fun started off with a “getting to know you” activity. The kids, volunteers and guests shared their favorite food and games with each other. The children, especially, had fun telling how yummy and fun their favorites were.

Jive Entertainment, who volunteered to perform for Gentle Hands, was next. They sang, danced, and set the tone for an enjoyable party. Guests and children, swayed by Jive’s pulsating energy, started singing and dancing also. Then, it was time for some games. The children and the guests formed 8 teams and played a cheese ring relay game and a “Bring Me Art” game. In the cheese ring relay game, teams were asked to pass cheese rings to each other with the use of straws in their mouths. The team with the most cheese rings passed from the back to the front of the line won. Not everyone stuck to the rules, however. Some kids ate the cheese rings which were passed to them. Others decided to pass 2 or more cheese rings at a time. Nevertheless, the kids gave their all and everyone enjoyed.

The “Bring Me Art” game was a bit more challenging. All teams were given a pair of scissors and a set of art paper. The task was for each member of the team to cut out the shape that was being asked and to bring these to the host. It started out simple with shapes being called out. A circle, a square and a star were asked. Then, it progressed to more difficult shapes like a birthday cake and a dog! Everyone’s creativity and cutting skills were challenged!

Lunch from Packed Gourmet was served after the games. Guests and children partook of spaghetti, barbecue and some chicken fillet. It was a delightful lunch as everyone took advantage of the break to know about each other more by continuing to share what they enjoy most.

When everyone had their fill, the Atienza Brothers made an appearance and performed their juggling routine. The Atienza Brothers juggled while they danced and said jokes. They juggled balls, hats, batons and even fire sticks! In the end, the kids were left mesmerized by their juggling prowess!

To end the birthday program, Jive Entertainment performed another song and dance number. This time, though, they invited everyone to dance with them! Jive taught some basic dance moves and everyone gamely followed. With the guests and the children dancing and singing together, the place was rocking!

Before everyone said their goodbyes, Baby Amira’s guests distributed gifts to each of Gentle Hands’ children. In return and as a way to show their appreciation, the kids gave the guests and volunteers long, warm hugs. It was such a fun and fulfilling day for everyone!

The birthday celebration was a success because of everyone’s contributions. Thanks to Baby Amira’s mom for organizing the event, Hey HOLIDAY for making the venue so festive, U! Happy Events for hosting the program and organizing the games, Jive Entertainment and the Atienza Brothers for keeping everyone so entertained, Packed Gourmet for the delicious lunch and Gentle Hands for allowing Baby Amira to spend her first birthday with them and for showing us that there is always hope in love.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events