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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Chessika Chua

As Henry David Thoreau put it to words, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” And who could have immeasurable drops of creative juice? Children! So let’s put these kids at work and make a part of our lives to be their very own canvass.

May 16th of 2015 was the perfect date to express all gathered inspiration in life. U! Happy Events was more than blessed to have helping hands volunteering to draw, color and paint with the participating kids. 198 ates and kuyas, summing up to 396 hands extending to and embracing 110 children from Back Street Kids Community, Children’s Joy Foundation Orphaned Children, End Child Prostitution Against Trafficking (ECPAT), Jesus Loves the Little Children Community Children, Operation Blessing Community Children, Shepherd of the Hills Orphaned Children, Tuklasan Orphaned Children, and Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Community Children. Quezon City Circle, get ready to be filled with rainbow colors!

The Art Of Getting To Know
Since we have a number of heads to play with, the ates and kuyas were divided and grouped with the kids. In each group, all members introduced his and herself, shared a bit about their favorites, and had small talks about anything under the sun. Through this, the kids had the chance to collect new friends whom they can call ate and kuya.

Sibling hood of Traveling Bag
With the artistic skills of kuya Robby, the kids had the opportunity to draw their own faces on the eco bags provided for them. Colors splashing every corner! We really had lots of kid artists! Then, different art booths were set up for the kids! Take note, we had 8 booths for them to choose from!

8 Art Wonders of the World
The kids and volunteers were divided into 8 groups and facilitated by the different artists. These groups then had a route to follow, having maximum 10 minutes of tutoring per booth, covering 4 booths at most. Each booth corresponds a particular art activity having the kids participate and create their own art stuff to take home. These art boosters were:

Rock Paint
Kids got to play with water colors, paint brushes and rocks! Yes, ordinary rocks. The children painted different designs of their desire on the rocks. The world indeed is our canvass. You can paint on rocks, leaves, even on tree barks!

Accessory Making
Our little girls and boys definitely rooted for this art activity. They had colorful beads hooked and crooked on nylons. Viola! Brilliant bracelets dangling on their tiny hands.

Balloon Twisting
Some twists here, some loops there. Few hand tricks and in an instant, the kids had their own flowers and dogs made from balloons.

The art of folding! With colored papers and scissors on hand, the children learned how to make different designs from scratch. Flowers, animals, planes. And if you’re really into origami, you can also build human size structures from paper!

Clay Art
I think every person finds clay playing really fun. You can form anything you want from this soft and colorful material. Make your own pizza, burger, or even cars and houses, animals and trees! Just kick the right part of that creative brain and you’ll have your imagination in reality.

Face Paint
Aside from rocks, of course we can paint on our own skin! Safe from any toxins, the materials used were safe for everyone. Some kids had butterflies and flowers on their cheeks. Boys had super heroes on their arms, hands and foreheads.

Finger Puppets
From papers, scissors and coloring materials, kids had Thumb Man, Pointy, Tall Man, Ring Man and Pinky wear their costumes! Best for story tellings 🙂

Photo Props
For those who love taking selfies, this art activity is for you! The kids were taught to design and make photo props out of papers and barbecue sticks.

After the looong day of fun, food was served for everyone. And to cap the day off, a short magic show made the kids had the last laugh for today.

The day was truly full of color, sweetened by the kids’ smiles and gratitude. With all the art works and masterpieces in this world combined, nothing can ever compare to the beauty of these kids’ faces when they are expressing happiness. So let’s also spread the simplest way of making art and start by using our faces: smile! 🙂

Thank U to our dear volunteers, Core Team, and Kuya Harvard for making the kids and everyone else very happy on the 500th event of U! Happy Events 🙂

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events