497 Kuya Amadeo’s Photo Op Props with Hospicio de San Jose

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Written by Board Member, Matthew Chua

It was April 28, 2015 when U! Happy Events together with its sponsors and volunteers visited Hospicio de San Jose for an art workshop with 29 kids. Reaching the place was both a challenge and an experience.

The team needed to ride a ferry boat in order to reach Hospicio de San Jose, which is situated at the other end of a non-operational Ayala Bridge. When we get to the venue, we were greeted by happy and energetic kids that really made our day awesome.

Kids and volunteers were divided into five (5) groups and were asked to introduce themselves with one another and to share things they did right before our event started.

When everyone became comfortable with one another, it’s time to play “Paint me a picture”. Here, groups must produce a scene of a specific fairy tale story that kuya Harvard will ask them to portray. Scenes that were portrayed by competing groups were: Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, Humpty Dumpty, and Shrek. The winner of this contest was group 2.

Story telling came in next. Ate Dyaly told kids the story of “Apolakus” in a very participative and very animated way. “Apolakus” is about a story of a young magician, who is being bullied at school. Bullying made him fearful and disinterested in attending school. It even made him stop doing his craft – magic. The story has deep meaning and lessons worth pondering by everyone.

Right after that heartfelt story, Art workshop was conducted. Kuya Robby taught kids and volunteers how to make photo op props. Materials include: straw, masking tape, paper, drawing materials, and scissors. Creativity was the main tool in creating photo op props.

Before we end our program, kids sang a “Thank You” song, which was lead by Yash. The song has a very good message and it can only be sung with great sincerity, which they (kids) do have. Concluding the event involves group picture and giving of pillows.

This very memorable event is a homecoming party for Kuya Madz. He is an OFW, who wanted to give back the blessings he obtained from working abroad. He was assisted by Ate Lara (his fiancée) in coordinating with us in order to make this event happen.

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