471 Sky Arrow’s Puppet Making with Makati Bangkal HS

Friday, March 20, 2015

Written by Board Member, Matthew Chua

On the eve of World Puppetry Day 2015 (March 20), U! Happy Events in partnership with Sky Arrow conducted a puppet making workshop to fifty (50) students of Bangkal High School. The event was started by forming ten (10) groups (consist of 5 students and 1-2 ate/s or kuya/s from Sky Arrow).

When ten (10) groups were finally created, members of the group introduced themselves to one another by sharing the following information: name, occupation, and favorite color. As bonds were already established, kuya Harvard lit the fire of competitiveness by asking each group to scream their hearts out loud when their group is being called. The atmosphere was filled with loud voices chorused for the sake of supremacy. Group number 7 was proclaimed the loudest.

To sustain the competitiveness of every group, kuya Harvard introduced a game called, “Bring Me Art”. In this game, group members should produce the shape of an object being asked by cutting out pieces of art papers. The twist here is that no two or more shapes should be alike in size and in cut pattern. Meaning, each member must produce and contribute their own art to the group for them to win the game. It’s raise to three (3) and again, group 7 won.

After that game, it’s time to mellow down competitiveness and to start being creative. Kuya Robby, our resident artist, took the floor and started his puppet making workshop. This puppet has dual purpose – a fun puppet and a cute bookmark. In this workshop, one would need the following: Glue, scissor, white cardboard, roundhead fasteners, Popsicle sticks, pen/marker, and coloring materials

Students and volunteers were really participative. Some even embraced creativity during the process. Since this workshop would consume much time and since our sponsor still needed to rush to another event, kuya Harvard decided to reward the fastest puppet maker with our very own Happy the doll. Both Patrick (being the fastest) and Kuya Jex (finished second) won Happy the doll. Happy the doll represents kids suffering from cancer and is being sold online and on-site for only 400.00. Proceeds will go to pediatric cancer treatments. Buying one would help us support kids with cancer and, at the same time, generate awareness about pediatric cancer.

The event ended with gift giving (spearheaded by Sky Arrow), group picture and announcement of two best puppet makers (personally chosen by Kuya Robby). Because of creativity and artistry, Gabriel and Agatha won. Another event may have been ended, but our students’ creativity will continuously grow. That’s for sure!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events