469 Ate Jill’s 3D Hand Portrait with ECPAT

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Issa Gayatin

Many lives were once again touched and joyful smiles were sighted in the corners of the ECPAT shelter. The kind-spirited volunteers this time were lawyers who took a time off with their busy schedules and spent their Saturday morning to be with their friend and birthday celebrant Ate Jill and with the ECPAT kids.

ECPAT is part of a global network of organizations and individuals working together for the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking of children for sexual purposes.

Any violent act against a child is considered a very weighty matter and so my heart goes out to organizations like this who really give their full support to save children from this kind of misery.

U! Happy Events believes that there is a need for change and it is with great pride to have witnessed that U! Happy is partnered with institutions like this who is active in supporting the end for child trafficking, prostitution and pornography which have been serious problems of the country.

Kuya Harvard officiated the event. There were around 20 volunteers and 33 kids who were involved in the activity. The group was divided into 4. We started off with the get to know part where the volunteers can have the time to connect to the kids. Huge smiles and excitement filled the room including myself. I had the joy of seeing priceless moments of how the volunteers connected to the kids through sharing.

Next is we did the reverse charade. In this game, a team will act out clues for one person to guess. Everyone was challenged and brought out their acting skills especially in the part wherein they will act out the marvel characters. There was even one participant who said Darna is one of the characters. We couldn’t contain our feelings and almost everyone bursted into laughter.

The next one is the Art workshop, wherein kids were taught how to draw a 3D hand portrait. Seems complicated? Not really. It was so easy that everyone got it. We picked 3 best artworks for this.

It’s almost lunch time but another treat was given. A performance number was done by one of our foreign volunteers, Kuya Milan, a German, who sang “Salamat Diyos sa Pag-asa” using his mini guitar. He also prepared props so that kids can sing along. Everyone sang their hearts out in this wonderful piece created by Kuya Milan.

After eating, it’s time for the ECPAT kids to do a dance number. Kuya Harvard also asked some volunteers to dance with the kids in front. And they did and pulled it off. I commend these courageous volunteers for doing so just to bring joy to the kids. Everything seems possible as long as the heart is good and willing.

Before farewells were given, the team, together with Ate Jill, gave out the give aways to the kids. Each one received toys, goodies and school supplies. Because of this, all the participants received hugs and thank yous from the kids. It was such a fine sight to see.

Thanks to Ate Jill for making the event extra special. It is because of good hearted volunteers like you that why we continue to exist and to make a change in the lives of children.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events