443 Ate Rosy’s Animal Art with SOS Children’s Village

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

The last day of January once again brought together the volunteers of U! Happy Events and the springy boys and girls of SOS Village in Alabang. With her birthday less than 2 weeks away, Ate Rosy Adriano prompted this reunion as an advanced celebration of her special day.

A few of Ate Rosy’s friends and some volunteers showed up for this gathering inside Ayala Alabang Village. Colorful balloons filled the small theater-like venue setting a cheerful mood to the day’s event. The activities were soon underway and the volunteers and kids formally (and happily) got acquainted with each other as they were grouped in the getting-to-know part of the program.

A very special guest was then introduced for an entertaining performance. Jollibee himself took the stage and danced to familiar tunes to the kids’ delight (not to mention the volunteers too). A few minutes into it and a number of the kids, including Ate Rosy, were up on stage grooving with the fun-loving bee.

The groups then settled down and composed themselves for the games ahead. These games provide a jovial atmosphere but at the same time promote teamwork, communication and camaraderie especially among the kids. The first one was called Bring Me Art – a more visually enjoyable version of the traditional Bring-Me game. Colored papers and scissors were distributed to the members of the teams. They were then asked for specific items which they had to cut out from the papers. The first team to have all members cut out the item got the point. It took a number of rounds to determine the winner but one team came out on top and earned prizes.

Another game immediately followed called Shape It Up. In this game, team members joined their hands to form different shapes being asked for. Only clues were provided and they still had to figure out exactly what they needed to form. Teams raced with each other again to win points. As the game was ‘taking shape,’ one team emerged as the front-runner. They eventually did get the 2 points and won some stuff for their kids.

With the day being all about colors, professional artist Kuya Robby Singh then led everyone in an inspired art workshop. Using not-so-difficult-to-get items, he guided everyone on how to make a very simple yet neat animal art. The kids got down to business and were soon raising their proud portraits. It was another clever activity that really got to engage the kids’ creativity.

It was already around noontime and the volunteers and kids finally gathered for a hearty lunch. After the needed nourishment, they joyfully sang happy birthday to Ate Rosy – with a cake/candle to blow of course. One of her friends also happened to be celebrating on that day and the whole group again joined in chorus to wish her a happy birthday as well.

U! Happy Events is truly grateful to Ate Rosy for spending time with the kids of SOS as part of her birthday celebration. We salute her for taking action in a selfless idea and actually seeing it through. Much thanks as well to the volunteers who participated and to SOS Village for welcoming the whole group. To know more about this community for kids, you can visit the Partner Beneficiary section (http://uhappyevents.com/partner-beneficiary/sos-childrens-village/).

From Ate Rosy Adriano –

“Last January 31, I celebrated my advance 25th birthday with 32 kids of SOS Children’s Village in Ayala Alabang, together with friends, volunteers, and the U! Core Team. As the years go by, I realize more and more how blessed I am which lead me to finding more ways to “pay it forward.” I stumbled upon U! Happy Events’ website thru a Google search, and realized that they are the perfect organization to partner with regarding the event I had in mind. I submitted my “Create Your Own Event” form, and got a call from Kuya Harvard a few weeks later.

After our initial conversation, I realized that my initial “Kids Party” idea wasn’t enough. He suggested that I do an Arts and Crafts Workshop, which fits me perfectly since I love drawing. After finalizing the details of my event, I got even more excited and decided to go all out by buying the kids additional gifts, snacks, and party favours.

It was a morning filled with laughter and smile as everyone enjoyed the games, Jollibee’s dance number, and of course the art workshop. It was really great to also share a meal with the kids, and talk to them about random things! I almost got teary eyed when the kids sang “Happy Birthday” to me, because they were so happy that I celebrated my birthday with them. I wish I could say more, but I was just too happy during my party that I don’t remember much of the details!

Thank you again to Kuya Harvard, Ate Te, and the rest of the U! Core Team for making my birthday truly memorable! I will definitely recommend, volunteer, and sponsor with U! Happy Events again.”

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