434 Ate Samantha’s Sponge Art with National Children’s Hospital

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

A frantic weekend ushered in the new year for U! with 4 exciting events last Saturday, January 10. The 2nd of these gatherings was held at the National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City with Ate Samantha Jampayas celebrating her birthday with patients from the Pediatric Ward. Ate Sam, a medical student, gathered her peers for a day of fun interaction and art with the kids of the hospital. A handful of enthusiastic volunteers likewise came to join in on the festivities.

The first order of business was getting the volunteers settled in as ates and kuyas so they were soon distributed into different rooms to meet the kids. Through U!’s getting-to-know questions, they were then given several minutes to get acquainted not only with the kids, but also with their parents and guardians.

After gathering everyone in the hallway, the event finally got the show on the road with its lone game – Body Works. In this amusingly challenging game, the volunteers and kids had to work in pairs. Specific body parts were then given out for the pairs to join together (e.g. right hand to left shoulder, etc.). After a number of rounds, 5 pairs managed to outperform and outlast the rest of the group and won story books for the kids.

Next up was the event’s main activity – Sponge Art. Ate Blanca, one of U!’s resident artists, guided the volunteers on how to create colorful artworks using a sponge (as the medium to paint) and an illustration board. Soon the volunteers were back in their rooms guiding the kids on how to put their thoughts (basically on what makes them happy) onto the canvas. It was again another moment for the volunteers and kids to get to know each other a little bit better.

With the intimate time being spent together, the ates and kuyas were then given story books to read to their kids. It was the part of the program that meant to impart important values to kids using very enjoyable and educational story books.

The treats were not over yet as another partner distributed handcrafted kids dolls named Chariabella. Drawing inspiration from her daughter, Ate Arlyn Bautista made her way to the event as a personal advocacy to help kids battling difficult illnesses. She even took time to encourage the parents and their kids as she gave her story and why she does what she does. It was definitely an inspiring wind up to the day’s event.

The volunteers finally said their goodbyes as warm smiles from the kids also bid them farewell. U! again thanks Ate Sam for spending her birthday with the kids of NCH. It really provided a rousing start to 2015 and the U! team hopes to see more of them in our future events.

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